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  • Exploring New Weight Breaks and Power Dynamics in Street Outlaw Racing!

    Recently, the Street Outlaws community has been abuzz with discussions sparked by Kye Kelley's latest YouTube video. In this video, he dives into the intricacies of testing his new car, shedding light on potential game-changing developments in the realm of screw blown combinations on No Prep Kings. Photo by Radical Speed One of the key revelations from Kye Kelley's update is the introduction of new weight breaks for screw blown setups on NPK. According to his findings, competitors running their screw blown setups at 82% overdrive can now shave off a substantial 90 lbs from their base weight. This reduction alone marks a significant advantage in a sport where every pound counts towards performance. Moreover, another weight break was quietly implemented midway through the season. This adjustment allows those opting for a higher 92% overdrive to trim 40 lbs from their base weight. However, for racers choosing to stick with the standard 98% overdrive, the base weight of 2825 lbs remains unchanged from the previous year. Photo by Isky Racing Cams For racers not utilizing lockups, an additional 50 lbs can be shed, bringing the weight down to 2775 lbs. Further reductions are possible for those running reduced overdrive settings. At 82% overdrive, racers can weigh in at approximately 2685 lbs, and those with pre-1979 built cars can drop an extra 25 lbs to reach 2660 lbs, albeit such lightweight configurations are rare, especially for screw blown cars. The debate surrounding these weight breaks extends beyond mere numbers. Switching from 98% to 82% overdrive potentially sacrifices 3 to 4 lbs of boost, which translates to a considerable power reduction in the realm of screw blown setups. Nevertheless, history shows that even at lower overdrive settings, such as the 75% used in NH Pro Mod back in 2022, screw blowers can still deliver impressive performance. For instance, Stevie Fast achieved a remarkable 570 at 257 mph in the quarter-mile with a limited screw blown setup, proving that these engines retain their potency across varying overdrive levels. Photo by Isky Racing Cams The implications of these developments are profound. Kye Kelley's new build, coupled with the possibility of exploiting the new weight breaks, could usher in a new era of dominance in street outlaw racing. His meticulously crafted car, optimized for speed and agility, holds the potential to redefine what is achievable at reduced overdrive levels. As the season progresses, all eyes will be on how racers adapt to these changes. Will more competitors follow in Kye Kelley's footsteps and explore the advantages of lighter weights at lower overdrive settings? Only time and the race track will reveal the true impact of these weight breaks on the competitive landscape of street outlaw racing. Stay tuned to for more updates and insights into the evolving strategies and technologies shaping the future of street outlaw racing.

  • Exciting Weekend Ahead: No Prep All Star Race and Canadian Action

    This weekend promises to be a thrill ride for street outlaw racing fans with two major events on the horizon. On July 19th and 20th, all eyes will be on Osier Raceway Park for the eagerly anticipated No Prep All Star Race. This event is set to feature some of the fastest and most formidable names from the No Prep Kings circuit, making it a must-watch for enthusiasts. Among the star-studded lineup is Nate Sayler, a standout performer known for his blistering speeds on the track. Despite starting the season outside the top 16, Sayler has shown remarkable potential, impressing with strong showings in recent races. His track record speaks for itself, having clinched victories in multiple invitationals and grade eight events during his rookie year. Photo by Mallory Elizabeth Photography Joining Sayler is Clay Cole, another fierce competitor whose speed and consistency have made him a constant threat at every NPK event he attends. With his impressive performances this season, Cole is poised to make waves at the All Star Race, showcasing his prowess behind the wheel. Adding to the excitement is Kallee Mills, fresh off a significant win at the No Prep Wars All Stars event where she took home a hefty $20,000 prize. Mills, driving a meticulously tuned machine with a new screw blown setup, has been steadily improving her performance, making her a force to be reckoned with in every race she enters. Photo by Kallee Mills Racing Notably, Brandon James will also be making a return to the NPK scene with his stunning Camaro powered by a screw blown Hemi. James, known for his precision driving and powerful setup, brings an extra element of competition to an already stacked field. Away from Ozark Raceway Park, Canadian fans have their own reason to celebrate as the first Canada race of the season kicks off concurrently. This dual excitement underscores the growing popularity and competitiveness of street outlaw racing across different regions. Photo by Mallory Elizabeth Photography As the weekend unfolds, all eyes will be glued to the action-packed events, eager to witness thrilling races and potential upsets. Whether it's the battle for supremacy at Ozark Raceway Park or the adrenaline-fueled runs in Canada, this weekend promises unforgettable moments for street outlaw racing enthusiasts. Stay tuned to for live updates, race highlights, and exclusive insights into the pulse-pounding world of street outlaw racing. It's going to be an epic showdown you won't want to miss!

  • Justin Swanstrom Wins N/T 275 Race in Darlington!

    Hello, Street Outlaws fans! Welcome back to Street Outlaws Talk, your go-to source for the latest updates on the Street Outlaws series, Hope Kings right, and all the other adrenaline-pumping shows. Today, we're thrilled to report on Justin Swanstrom's recent victory in the No Time 275 class at Darlington! Photo by Mallory Elizabeth Photography As many of you know, Justin Swanstrom is a seasoned racer who has competed in various classes with different cars, always delivering impressive performances. This time, he brought out his previous NPK car, now fitted with 275s, and clinched the win in Darlington. This isn't the first time this car has run on radials, but it certainly showcased its prowess once again. Even though the car is purpose-built for NPK, it runs exceptionally well on small tires, demonstrating the versatility and capability of Justin's setup. Although we don't have the specifics on the updates made to the car, we can confidently say it's faster and more formidable than ever. Justin has promised a video explaining the exact modifications, so keep an eye out for that! During the race, the car delivered several blisteringly fast passes. When Justin first put the car up for sale earlier this year, he mentioned it could run 360s in radial trim – a testament to its speed. In the No Time 275 class, racers can choose their overdrive on the screw blower, whether it's 125 over, 128 over, or even 92 over. Justin's car, with its impressive setup, has proven itself a winner time and again, whether on NPK tracks or in small tire trim. Photo by Dragzine Currently, Justin is also updating his 69 Camaro, Bad Blood. Although this car is incredibly fast, it hasn't shown the same consistency as his previous car, PRUP, especially on big tires. But rest assured, the team is working hard to dial it in. Despite the challenges, Bad Blood has already secured an NPK event win this year, and we expect it to become even more consistent and faster as the season progresses. Justin is still in the top 15 points in the No Prep King season, with four more races before the Elite 16 main event races. We anticipate he will continue to improve and bring even more excitement to the competition. Meanwhile, PRUP remains a formidable contender, having been a consistent winner since 2021 across radials, big tires, or any trim. Looking ahead, Justin is also working on a new 1967 Mustang for NPK. With his track record, we can only imagine how incredible this new build will be. Stay tuned for more updates on Justin Swanstrom's racing adventures and all the latest from the world of Street Outlaws! Photo by Justin Swanstrom Remember to subscribe, comment, and stay tuned for more videos and articles on all your favorite Street Outlaws shows.

  • Street Outlaws - Confirmed Racers Heading to No Prep Kings Canada

    Hello everyone, and welcome back to StreetOutlawsTalks! Today, we're diving into the latest updates on the racers confirmed for the No Prep Kings Allstar event in Canada, set to start on July 19th. Be sure to subscribe, comment, and stay tuned for more videos and updates on the Street Outlaws No Prep Kings series and all the other Street Outlaws shows. Photo by Mallory Elizabeth Photography We've got exciting news about the racers heading to Canada. Booster GT is reportedly going to be there, and he's expected to bring his new car. This was hinted at in one of the recent live feeds of Street Outlaws Live, so there's a good chance we'll see him in action. Of course, some familiar faces will be there as well. Shawn Ellington, Ryan Martin, Jeff Lutz, and Scott Taylor are all confirmed to attend. Jeff Lutz will be racing his GTO, as we mentioned in a previous video. Scott Taylor will be bringing John Doe, the same car he took to Australia. Fun fact: Scott was the only U.S. racer who didn’t lose a single race in Australia, so we're expecting him to perform exceptionally well in Canada too. Photo by Mallory Elizabeth Photography Now, the big question is which car Ryan Martin will bring. There's speculation that he might take the same small tire Camaro he ran in Australia. He was selling the engine from that car recently, so it's possible he's made some upgrades. This car was a beast on small tires, winning the Small Tire Mega Cash Days before heading to Australia. Alternatively, he might bring the OG Fireball Camaro with the screw blower or the gray car since Canada isn't as far as Australia. He hasn’t made an official announcement yet, so we'll have to wait and see. No matter which car Ryan brings, it's sure to be fast and competitive. He had an accident while testing in Australia, but even after that, he came back strong and performed well. We expect nothing less in Canada. Photo by Mallory Elizabeth Photography Scott Taylor is one of the top contenders on small tires, and it's uncertain how many racers will be on big tires. Jeff Lutz is confirmed to be running his GTO on big tires. There are rumors about some really fast big tire cars in Canada, so the competition is going to be fierce. We're hoping to see a mix of fast small tire and big tire cars, and hopefully, they'll be even faster than the ones in Australia. Stay tuned for more updates and let's see who comes out on top at the No Prep Kings Allstar event in Canada! For more updates and in-depth coverage of the Street Outlaws No Prep Kings series, keep following .

  • Big Chief Triumphs at Small Tire Cash Days in "The Crow"

    In an electrifying night at the Small Tire Cash Days, Big Chief stole the spotlight with an unforgettable win in his iconic ride, "The Crow." The atmosphere was buzzing as racers gathered, but it was Chief and his crew who arrived first, marking a rare moment in the racing community. Photo by Midwest Street Cars As the excitement built, there were laughs and light-hearted banter among the racers, showcasing the camaraderie that often accompanies high-stakes events. Big Chief and his fellow competitors shared anecdotes and strategies, setting the stage for an intense showdown. The races unfolded with heart-pounding speed and skill. Chief faced stiff competition, with one racer in particular pushing him to the limit. After an intense duel down the track, Chief emerged victorious, proving once again that experience and precision can outmatch raw horsepower. "That was a hell of a race," he remarked, filled with adrenaline and pride. Photo by Midwest Street Cars The victory was more than just a trophy; it represented years of hard work and dedication. Big Chief reflected on his journey in the racing world, joking about the significant investment he had made over the years. "After 30 years and $400,000, I finally won!" he exclaimed with a mix of disbelief and joy. The night was filled with excitement, as the racers cheered and celebrated each other’s achievements. Big Chief's win not only highlighted his skill but also emphasized the community spirit of street racing, where friendships are forged even amid fierce competition. As the dust settled and the final checks were handed out, Chief expressed gratitude to those who supported him throughout the journey. "This is the real deal," he said, emphasizing the genuine thrill of winning a cash prize without the bureaucratic hassle of tax implications. Photo by Midwest Street Cars In the end, Big Chief's victory at the Small Tire Cash Days in "The Crow" is a testament to his relentless pursuit of excellence in the world of street racing. Fans can look forward to more electrifying moments as he continues to push the limits of speed and performance. For all the latest updates on street racing and more, stay tuned to !

  • New Cars for No Prep Kings in 2025 & The Future of the Series

    Hello everyone, welcome to Street Outlaws Talk! Today, we’re diving into the exciting news about the new cars debuting in the next season of No Prep Kings (NPK). Make sure to subscribe and comment for more updates on all Street Outlaws shows! Photo by Radical Speed New Cars on the Horizon KY recently unveiled his new third-generation screw-blown Camaro, which he’ll be running for the remainder of Season 7 in NPK. This is just the beginning, as many more cars are set to join the fray by the end of this season and into the next. Todd Fone is preparing a brand-new Lexus, which is currently getting a wide-body treatment and should be ready very soon. We can also look forward to seeing Doc finish up his new ride, and Justin Strem has struck a deal to build a 1967 Mustang for next season, featuring a screw-blown Hemi, of course. The Future of NPK Given the number of new cars being built specifically for NPK, it's clear that the racers are optimistic about the series' future. Despite Discovery Channel pulling out, the live feed deal seems to be working well, and the series is gaining traction on YouTube. This growth suggests that NPK is likely to be renewed for another season. Photo by Radical Speed Pay-Per-View Possibilities There's speculation that NPK might move to a pay-per-view model in the future. While it's currently doing well on YouTube and generating revenue, pay-per-view could offer a new avenue for monetization. We'll have to wait and see what direction the series takes, but the current trends are promising. Season Overview This year, NPK has its longest season yet with a total of 17 races, surpassing last season's 16 races. The increasing number of events each season is a strong indicator of the series' success and growing popularity. Photo by Radical Speed With many new cars being built and more races than ever, the future of No Prep Kings looks bright. The series continues to grow, and we hope to see it remain successful for many years to come. Stay tuned for more updates, and let’s keep supporting our favorite racers and teams! For more news and updates on Street Outlaws and No Prep Kings, keep following Street Outlaws Talk!

  • Street Outlaws: Thoughts on Kye Kelley's New No Prep Kings Camaro Unveiled & Kye's 6th NPK Car!

    Hey there, Street Outlaws fans! Welcome back to Street Outlaws Talks. Today, we’re diving into the latest from Kye Kelley. Just 20 or 30 minutes ago, Kye posted the official video revealing his brand-new No Prep Kings car—a sleek third-generation Camaro. If you're a fan of Kye and the No Prep Kings series, make sure to subscribe and comment, and stay tuned for more videos and updates on all things Street Outlaws. Photo by Isky Cams Kye Kelley is back in a third-gen Camaro, and this marks his sixth car built specifically for NPK over seven seasons. Let's take a quick stroll down memory lane. He started with the original Shocker, then came Aftershock, which Lizzy Musi later drove. Season 4 saw the introduction of Showstopper, followed by the NPK Shocker in Season 5—a third-gen Camaro with an updated motor. That car didn't last long as it was overweight and had some body issues. Then came the fifth car, Jang Lang, and now we have this stunning sixth car. It's fascinating because some NPK racers are still competing with the same car they started with or maybe their second car. In contrast, Kye has built six cars in seven seasons. But hey, if building a new car each season helps him win, why not? Photo by Mallory Elizabeth Photography This new Camaro is a beauty. It’s built by Wizard Race Cars, who also crafted Jang Lang. The new car is significantly lighter, which is crucial given the recent rule changes that dropped 40 lbs off the screw-blown combinations if running lower overdrive. Jang Lang was often at or over the weight limit, so this lighter build should give Kye a competitive edge. Visually, the car is stunning. It’s got a shorter wheelbase and a fierce, gangster look. It’s black with a screw-blown Hemi, and it’s back to Kye’s roots with the third-gen Camaro. There’s something special about these cars, and with the screw blower, it just looks mean. There are a few third-gen Camaros in NPK, like Paige Coughlin's ride, but Kye’s new car with a screw blower just stands out. I’m not a huge fan of his previous Buick; it seemed a bit behind compared to other screw-blown cars. But with this new Camaro, Kye might just dominate. Photo by Mallory Elizabeth Photography Can't wait to see this beast in action? Keep an eye on Kye Kelley's Racing YouTube channel for testing videos soon. This car looks ready to take on the competition, and we’re all excited to see how it performs. So, what do you think of Kye Kelley’s new ride? Drop your thoughts in the comments below and stay tuned for more updates on the Street Outlaws and No Prep Kings series! Street Outlaws Talks – Bringing you the latest and greatest from the racing world!

  • Jeff Lutz's GTO Heads to Canada for Big Tire Action

    Hello, Street Outlaws fans! Welcome to Street Outlaws Talks. Today, we're diving into some thrilling news about Jeff Lutz and his GTO heading north to race in Canada on big tires. Let's get into the details! Photo by Mallory Elizabeth Photography  First off, it's official: there will be two No Prep Kings All-Star events in Canada. The first race is just around the corner, happening on July 19th and 20th at Raptor Raceway. While we don't have a complete list of attendees yet, we do know that most, if not all, of the racers who competed in Australia last year will be present. This year's event is shaping up to be a spectacle. Excitingly, it will be streamed live on YouTube, just like the NPK events in the US. Among the confirmed participants, Jeff Lutz will be bringing his GTO, a car that performed exceptionally well in Australia. It even took down some of the fastest Pro Mods there, proving it’s a force to be reckoned with. In the US, Jeff typically runs his Mustang in NPK events, but for Canada, he's opting for the GTO. The Mustang has been performing better stateside, so the GTO should be a strong contender up north. The caliber of Canadian racers remains a bit of a mystery, but we might see some Pro Mods and steel-bodied Pro Mods, which are essentially Pro Mod chassis with steel roofs and quarters. Photo by Mallory Elizabeth Photography  When the Australia events went down, there were plenty of call-outs and videos hyping the races. This time around, there's been less noise from Canada. However, once the racers hit the track, we'll see who goes up against whom. Jeff Lutz will undoubtedly be running on big tires. It's still unclear if Robin Roberts will join with one of his big tire cars. In Australia, both Jeff and Robin were the only big tire competitors. We might also see Murder Nova running the OG, while the NPK car stays in the US, given its strong performance there. Although Canada isn't as far as Australia, it seems the racers prefer to keep their high-performing cars in the US. Nevertheless, we're expecting a great show and hoping Canada brings some top-tier competition to match the US racers. This should make for some close, exciting racing. Photo by Mallory Elizabeth Photography  Stay tuned for more updates, and let's see how this event unfolds. Don't forget to subscribe and comment for more Street Outlaws news and coverage!

  • Murder Nova Racing on No Prep Kings Canada: Which Car Will He Bring?

    Hello, Street Outlaw fans! This is , bringing you the latest buzz about Murder Nova racing on No Prep Kings Canada. Excitement is building as we all wonder which car Sean Ellington, aka Murder Nova, will choose for the upcoming races. Photo by Mallory Elizabeth Photography  A Post That Sparked Speculation Yesterday, Murder Nova took to Facebook, sparking a flurry of speculation among fans by asking which car he should bring to the Canada races at the end of the month. While there’s no official word yet on which Street Outlaws racers will head north, we do know that those who raced in Australia last year have been invited. This includes names like Justin Swanstrom, Robin Roberts, Lacy, Jeff Lutz, and of course, Sean Ellington. However, not all are confirmed to go, which leaves room for other Street Outlaws racers to join. The Cars in Contention For Sean Ellington, the decision seems to hinge between his well-known cars. There’s the “300 Credit Score Nova,” his white car, which has been performing incredibly well this season. Sean is currently number three in points with this car, and it's been a powerhouse on the track. Many fans speculate that he might keep this car for No Prep Kings due to its strong performance. However, there’s a strong desire among fans to see the OG Murder Nova in action. This car has a storied history and did exceptionally well in Australia, running on small tires and securing a solid winning record. The OG Murder Nova is not just a car; it’s a symbol of Sean’s legacy in the Street Outlaws series, dating back to the show’s early days in 2012 and 2013. Photo by Mallory Elizabeth Photography  The Competition in Canada The caliber of competition in Canada is still a bit of a mystery. While Australia had a mix of big tire and small tire cars, it’s hoped that Canada will present a faster field. The Australian races saw many big tire cars competing against US small tire cars, which raised questions about the level of competition. With Canada, there’s optimism for a lineup of faster cars, though specific details about the Canadian racers remain unclear. What to Expect Fans are eager to see which car Sean will choose. The OG Murder Nova, even on small tires, is a fan favorite due to its speed, history, and iconic status. Seeing it race in Canada would not only bring back nostalgic memories but also demonstrate its enduring prowess. It’s also worth noting that other racers like Jeff Lutz, who may bring his GTO on big tires, and possibly Robin Roberts, are expected to be part of the event. Whether they will stick to big tires or switch to small tires for the races in Canada is still up in the air. Photo by Mallory Elizabeth Photography  As the anticipation builds, all eyes are on Sean Ellington to see which car he will bring to the No Prep Kings races in Canada. Whether it’s the high-performing “300 Credit Score Nova” or the legendary OG Murder Nova, fans are in for a treat. One thing is for sure – the competition will be fierce, and the races thrilling. Stay tuned for more updates and let’s see which car takes the spotlight! For more updates and in-depth coverage of Street Outlaws, No Prep Kings, and other Street Outlaw shows, don’t forget to subscribe, comment, and stay connected with !

  • Jeff Lutz and the Return of the Iconic '57 Chevy!

    At Street Outlaws Talks, we’re always buzzing with the latest news and updates from the street racing world. Today, we’re diving into the highly anticipated return of Jeff Lutz’s legendary ’57 Chevy. It’s been a while since we’ve seen Jeff behind the wheel of this classic beauty, but the wait is almost over. Photo by LUTZ RACE CARS  Lately, all eyes have been on Jeff Lutz and his new Mustang, which he’s been tearing up the tracks with on No Prep Kings. Despite being new to him, Jeff’s been showing promising results, and we’re expecting him to become even more competitive with it in the near future. But for many fans, Jeff Lutz is synonymous with the ’57 Chevy, a car that holds a special place in racing history. Jeff has had several iterations of the ’57 Chevy over the years. His original ’57 Chevy was a beast—an all-steel, 3,800 lb car that made waves at Drag Week for a couple of years. Word on the street is that this car now belongs to Jeffrey. Then came the “Evil Twin,” a carbon fiber-bodied ’57 Chevy that looked like the original but was significantly lighter. This version hit the scene in 2014. Fast forward to the first yellow ’57 Chevy, which ran in NPK and on the street with big tires until it met its untimely end in a crash in 2021. It’s been over three years since we’ve seen Jeff behind the wheel of a ’57 Chevy, but that’s all about to change. Photo by LUTZ RACE CARS  The chassis of the new ’57 Chevy has been crafted by DMC Race Cars, with Jeff Lutz handling everything else. From the paint to the chrome, this car is a stunner. But it’s not just about looks—the new combination under the hood is what’s really exciting. Jeff is going with a big cubic inch small block billet block engine combo with turbos. While he’s been running a ProCharger Hemi in the Mustang, turbos are still his go-to for the ’57 Chevy, Mad Max, the GTO, and other rides. Jeff revealed in an interview about a month ago that this car will be racing on small tires on the street by December. But before that, we’ll get a first look at the finished car at the Tri-Five Nationals in Bowling Green this August. It’s coming up fast, and we can’t wait to see this build in all its glory. Photo by LUTZ RACE CARS  For those who’ve been following Jeff Lutz since his early days on Street Outlaws, this is a nostalgic moment. We first saw Jeff in Season 2 with his original ’57 Chevy, and over the years, he’s mostly raced the ’57 Chevy, the GTO, and now the Mustang. Seeing Jeff back in a ’57 Chevy is more than just a trip down memory lane—it’s a thrilling new chapter in his racing career. Stay tuned to Street Outlaws Talks for more updates on Jeff Lutz and his incredible new ’57 Chevy. This build is set to be a game-changer, and we’re here for every moment of it.

  • Street Outlaws: Justin Swanstrom Building New 1967 Mustang Racecar

    Hello, Street Outlaws fans! Today, we're diving into some exciting news in the world of drag racing. Justin Swanstrom, a name synonymous with speed and power, is building a brand new 1967 Mustang. This announcement has set the racing community abuzz, and we're here to give you the latest scoop on what to expect. Photo by Justin Swanstrom  The Big Reveal Justin Swanstrom, known for his fierce competitiveness on the track, is taking on a new project with the construction of a 1967 Mustang. This isn't the first time we've heard whispers about this build. Earlier this year, Justin hinted at building a 1969 Camaro, known as "Bad Blood," and another NPK (No Prep Kings) car. The latter is confirmed to be the 1967 Mustang we're talking about today. Collaboration with Todd Fones and Hormone Logic Both Justin and Todd Fones from Hormone Logic have confirmed their collaboration on this Mustang project. Todd Fones' company, known for its top-tier builds, is no stranger to the Street Outlaws scene. They have previously worked on cars like the "Side Piece" Lexus, now rebranded as "Sir Vincent," which is currently set up for no prep racing. Photo by Justin Swanstrom  Current Fleet and the New Addition Justin already boasts an impressive fleet of race cars. "Bad Blood," "Prenup," and "Sir Vincent" are all no prep capable, with "Prenup" having the flexibility to switch to big tires when needed. The burning question is whether this new Mustang will be another no prep car or if Justin has different plans. Pro Mod or No Prep? Given Justin's interest in Pro Mod racing, as seen in his participation in the World Series of Pro Mod this year, there's speculation that the 1967 Mustang might be built for Pro Mod events. Pro Mod racing is highly competitive and offers a different kind of thrill compared to no prep races. The idea of Justin diving deeper into this realm isn't far-fetched. However, there's also the possibility of the Mustang being built for Radial vs. The World (RVW) events or other outlaw races. The RVW class has been gaining traction again, sparking renewed interest among racers. Photo by Justin Swanstrom  What's Next? Regardless of its intended class, one thing is for sure: this Mustang will be fast and fierce. The build is being handled by Wizard Race Cars, the same team that built Jerry Bird's Mustang, ensuring top-notch craftsmanship and performance. As the project progresses, we can expect more updates and sneak peeks into the build process. Will it be a Pro Mod beast or another no prep powerhouse? Only time will tell, but one thing is certain—Justin Swanstrom's new Mustang will be a force to reckon with on the track. Stay tuned to for more updates on Justin Swanstrom's 1967 Mustang build and other exciting news from the world of Street Outlaws. Subscribe, comment, and keep the conversation going as we watch this incredible journey unfold.

  • No Prep Kings Canada: What to Expect During the July Break

    Hey everyone, amidst the July break from regular filming, there's something exciting brewing for fans of No Prep Kings: No Prep Kings Canada! This special event is set to take place across two weekends featuring the all-star drivers of No Prep Kings heading north of the border. Photo by No Prep Racing Scheduled for July 19th-20th at Rad Torque Raceway in Edmonton, Alberta, and July 26th-27th at Mission Raceway Park in Mid Mission, British Columbia, these races promise to deliver high-octane action just like we've seen in previous No Prep Kings events. For those unfamiliar with the concept, No Prep Kings Canada is akin to the Street Outlaws: Versus the World series we witnessed last year with Street Outlaws Australia. It's a chance for the best of the best in No Prep racing to showcase their skills on Canadian soil. Photo by No Prep Racing Speculation is rife about which drivers will make the cut for this prestigious event. While core names like Ryan Martin, Sean Ellington, Jeff Lutz, Kye Kelley, and Justin Swanstrom are likely locks, there's curiosity about other participants. Names like Scott Taylor, Robin Roberts, Disco Dean, and potentially new faces could round out the roster. The event, though not slated for TV filming, is expected to be streamed live, allowing fans worldwide to witness the exhilarating races and fierce competition. Photo by Street Outlaws Live As we eagerly await more details on the lineup and coverage, it's clear that No Prep Kings Canada will be a highlight during this downtime in filming. Stay tuned to Street Outlaws Talks for further updates and join the conversation by sharing your predictions in the comments below.

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