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The True Story behind Daddy Dave's Journey on Street Outlaws

Street Outlaws, the adrenaline-pumping reality TV show that has captured the hearts of racing enthusiasts worldwide, has introduced some truly remarkable and fiery drivers. Among these racing virtuosos, Daddy Dave stands out as a true legend, a racer who has proven his mettle on the track time and time again.

Daddy Dave

For those just getting acquainted with Street Outlaws, it's a reality show centered around the world of street racing. It takes viewers on a high-octane journey into the lives of racers in a specific city as they push themselves to the limit in pursuit of the grand prize. The show made its explosive debut on the Discovery Channel on July 10, 2013, and has since embarked on a thrilling 13-season journey, featuring over 150 episodes that showcase the elite racers of Oklahoma.

street outlaws

Such is the fervor among fans of Street Outlaws that it has inspired the development of a dedicated video game in its honor, a testament to its global recognition and popularity. The show's success has also spawned a series of captivating spin-offs, including "Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings," "Street Outlaws: New Orleans," "Street Outlaws: Bristol," and "Street Outlaws: Fastest in America," among others. These spin-offs serve as a thrilling extension of the Street Outlaws universe, providing viewers from various cities with their own reasons to cheer.

Beyond the heart-pounding races, Street Outlaws introduces viewers to the intriguing concept of the "Street Outlaws list," which comprises the top 10 racers in Oklahoma. To ascend this coveted list, racers must either challenge an existing member or defend their position when challenged. It's a unique competitive element that adds an extra layer of excitement to the show.

However, it's important to remember that the world of street racing is far riskier than what meets the eye on television. Daddy Dave, one of the show's most iconic figures, learned this the hard way. In 2015, he faced a near-fatal crash in his car, Goliath, during a no-prep race at Amarillo Dragway in Texas. The crash, which saw his car somersaulting six times before crashing into a wall, left him with a serious concussion, a bruised lung, and numerous bruises and bumps. Remarkably, Daddy Dave's life was likely saved by his helmet, and he has no memory of the incident to this day.

Daddy Dave's accident

Daddy Dave's accident

David Comstock, better known as Daddy Dave, was born on April 4, 1973, in Shawnee, Oklahoma. His journey into the world of racing began as a hobby, gradually evolving into a full-time pursuit. In 2020, he clinched the title of Daily Grind Champion, a testament to his unwavering dedication to the sport. Daddy Dave's early years were marked by racing with friends and competitors, often utilizing his parents' 1978 Chevrolet Impala – a car that may have seemed laughable for racing. Despite the odds, Daddy Dave consistently emerged victorious, establishing himself as a top-tier racer in Oklahoma.

Daddy Dave

With his dominance on the streets of Oklahoma, Daddy Dave eventually amassed enough resources to acquire a 1996 GMC Sonoma S10 pickup truck, which he meticulously customized to suit his racing needs. This upgrade didn't mean completely abandoning his first car, as he continued to alternate between the two.

Daddy Dave

Daddy Dave's introduction to Street Outlaws was thanks to his friend Justin Shearer, also known as Big Chief. Since joining the show in 2013, Daddy Dave has risen to become the undisputed top racer in Oklahoma, cultivating rivalries with figures like Shawn "Big Chief" and others. However, it's important to note that these rivalries are confined to the racetrack, and off the track, a deep camaraderie exists among the racers.

His television appearances not only solidified his status as a racing authority but also attracted sponsors who provided the resources necessary for his victories. This revelation surprised many, as the concept of sponsorships in street racing was not widely known.

Daddy Dave's team

In addition to his racing pursuits, Daddy Dave ventured into the automotive industry, opening his own shop specializing in customizing racing cars to his exacting standards. This entrepreneurial spirit, combined with his racing prowess, catapulted him to the status of a champion not only in Oklahoma and the United States but worldwide.

Daddy Dave's near-death experience in 2015 marked a pivotal moment in his career. After taking time to recuperate, he made a triumphant return to the track with Goliath 2.0, a cutting-edge racing machine powered by Proline's All-Billet Outlaw Hemi engine. This formidable car features Allen Johnson Performance Engineering cylinder heads and engine block, as well as a Pro Charger F3X 140 centrifugal supercharger. To ensure peak performance, Goliath 2.0 relies on Fulltech's top-of-the-line FT600 engine management system. Before hitting the racetrack, the car underwent meticulous tuning, including a dyno test that revealed an impressive 3,146 horsepower on the wheels.

Daddy Dave's Audi

Away from the track, Daddy Dave enjoys a fulfilling family life, having been happily married to his longtime partner, Cassie, since 2013, and they now have two daughters. During his downtime, he explores various hobbies and manages his YouTube channel, "Daddy Dave Racing," where he shares engaging car-related content.

Daddy Dave has amassed a dedicated global following, with a substantial presence on social media platforms such as Facebook, where he boasts over 1 million active followers. His Instagram page boasts over 500,000 followers, while his Twitter account has around 50,000 tweets from enthusiasts keen to keep up with his latest updates.

In terms of income, Daddy Dave earns a significant sum from his participation in Street Outlaws, reportedly raking in around $20,000 per episode, making him a key figure in nearly all episodes. While reports in 2019 estimated his net worth at around $900,000, it's safe to assume that his financial standing has grown considerably, likely surpassing $1.5 million, especially with his flourishing automotive shop.

Daddy Dave's triumphant return to the racing world is highly anticipated, and his rivalry with peers like Big Chief, Shawn, Murder Nova, and JJ Da Boss on the Discovery Channel remains etched in the memories of fans as one of the greatest showdowns in street racing history. Street Outlaws continues to reign supreme as the ultimate street racing show, offering unmatched thrills for racing enthusiasts worldwide.

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