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A Guided Tour to Explore Pat Musi's Engine Shop and Race Shop!

Nestled in the heart of Mooresville, North Carolina, Pat Musi Racing Engines is a powerhouse in the world of high-performance engines. Greg Jones from Engine Builder recently had the chance to explore the inner workings of this dynamic facility during a guided tour led by Pat Musi, shedding light on their fascinating journey and their commitment to delivering top-notch products.

Explore Pat Musi's Engine Shop and Race Shop with Engine Builder's Greg Jones

Explore Pat Musi's Engine Shop and Race Shop with Engine Builder's Greg Jones. Photo by Engine Builder

When you step into Musi Racing Engines, you're stepping into a world where 40 years of industry knowledge, research and development, and unwavering dedication to quality culminate. Their signature blue and yellow boxes, branded with the SBI logo, signify much more than just a product – they represent a legacy of exceeding OEM standards and providing exceptional customer service. Pat Musi, the tour guide for the day, underlines their commitment to meeting the unique needs of every application.

Musi Racing Engines is no stranger to growth and evolution. The journey began over a decade ago when they moved from New Jersey to their current location in North Carolina. Pat recalls the move, stating that it was a pivotal moment for the company. In fact, he believes that they should have made the transition even sooner. The move ushered in a new era for Musi Racing Engines, and their business has grown tenfold since then.

The Musi Arsenal

The Musi Arsenal. Photo by Pat Musi Racing Engines

The Musi Racing Engines facility has expanded to accommodate the demand for their services. Notably, they now house two separate businesses, one of which revolves around Lizzie's race car. However, what truly sets them apart is the Edelbrock Race Center. The Race Center is a hub for the production of race heads, and it's where all the 555 engines come to life. This means that if you're a proud owner of a 555 engine, it's not just a product – it's a piece of craftsmanship that comes directly from this facility.

Explore Pat Musi's Engine Shop and Race Shop

Edelbrock’s partnership with Mooresville, North Carolina-based Pat Musi Racing Engines. Photo by enginebuildermag

Walking through the facility, you'll come across Centroid machines that have been meticulously dialed in. These machines are responsible for shaping the rough cores of the 555 engines. Notably, Edelbrock, the manufacturer, enjoys a unique advantage. With their own foundry, they don't face the casting challenges that many other cylinder head companies do. This streamlines Musi Racing Engines' focus on machining and production.

Explore Pat Musi's Engine Shop and Race Shop
Explore Pat Musi's Engine Shop and Race Shop

The 555 is gaining popularity among enthusiasts who appreciate the art of resto-mod crowd. Photo by egnation

The crown jewel of Musi Racing Engines is the 555 engine, designed for street applications. It's a plug-and-play engine available in both fuel-injected and carbureted versions. However, the 20-to-1 fuel injector variant has gained immense popularity. Customers love its simplicity – just turn the key and go. The 555 engine features 12-degree heads and is known for its reliability.

The tour delves into the details of cylinder head production. What sets Musi Racing Engines apart is their commitment to the entire process. It's not just about CNC porting; they start from the ground up, ensuring that the valve train aligns perfectly. The cylinder head's durability is a hallmark, making it a solid choice for those who want an engine that requires minimal tinkering. The foundry they utilize for these components is renowned for its quality and is a testament to the legacy of Vic Edelbrock, who played a pivotal role in establishing it in San Leandro, California.

The journey through the Musi Racing Engines facility culminates in the Race Center, where all things racing and 555 engines come to life. The 555 engine holds a special place in their hearts, and the first one was built for Vic Edelbrock's car. A Vic Edelbrock tribute car showcasing the 555 engine is a testament to their pride in their work.

Explore Pat Musi's Engine Shop and Race Shop

Norma Jean and Bonnie were tidied up and displaying their most well-behaved selves! Photo by egnation

Pat Musi also reveals the ongoing development of a new 555 race head design. This revamped version features an altered valve angle and draws input from top racing teams. According to Pat, this new design surpasses the performance of the existing one.

In conclusion, this glimpse into Musi Racing Engines is just the tip of the iceberg. Their dedication to the world of high-performance engines, particularly the 555 engine, is evident in their passion, meticulous attention to detail, and unwavering commitment to excellence. Stay tuned for more on Musi Racing Engines, as Greg Jones from Engine Builder promises a full shop tour, providing insight into their engine-building process and products. This is an opportunity to explore the inner workings of a company that truly knows how to keep engines humming.

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