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Why Does Farmtruck Shake with His Left Hand?

Handshakes have been a longstanding gesture used by humans throughout history. The Smithsonian Center for Folklife & Cultural Heritage notes: "People clasping hands appeared on Roman coins, and in Fanti from the first century CE." It was often symbolizing peace and the end of conflict.

However, like any social custom, handshakes have faced fluctuations in popularity over time, influenced by factors such as disease outbreaks. Epidemics such as the Yellow Fever in 1793, the Spanish Flu in 1918, and the recent COVID-19 pandemic have led to temporary shifts away from handshakes. As we gradually return to normalcy, we start to notice the revival of certain customs.

Street Outlaws fans, for instance, have observed an interesting quirk in the behavior of Farmtruck. Why does he occasionally shake with his left hand? Let's explore this question further.

Photo by fna405

While Farmtruck has not directly addressed the reason behind his left-handed handshake, fans of the show have put forth various theories on Reddit. Some speculate that it could be related to an injury he sustained to his right hand in 2022. According to user MySpaceFlunky, there are behind-the-scenes videos on YouTube where Farmtruck's right hand appears to have a finger that is "pretty messed up." The user adds that although he can use it, he does not have full range of motion.

Photo by Discovery Australia

Farmtruck's friend and racing partner, AZN, confirmed this explanation, stating that Farmtruck is cautious about reinjuring his right hand, saying, "He just has PTSD with breaking it again, so he's just like, f--k it, left hand it is." While there is no available video footage of the accident, a deleted response in the Reddit thread mentions that it was related to a "tire machine accident." Despite his preference for the left hand, Farmtruck still shakes with his right hand on occasion, suggesting that it may depend on the circumstances.

Photo by Reddit

In addition to the hand injury, Farmtruck has also experienced Bell's palsy. While some Reddit users speculated that his right hand preference was due to a stroke, AZN clarified that it was actually a case of Bell's palsy. "He had Bell's palsy probably 12 years ago [2011], but his face really never returned to normal. We used to get a good laugh out of it lol," explained AZN. It appears that Bell's palsy did not affect Farmtruck's ability to use either hand.

Photo by Reddit

Bell's palsy is a neurological disorder characterized by facial paralysis or weakness on one side of the face. It occurs when a nerve controlling facial muscles is injured or stops functioning properly, as stated by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke. Although there is currently no cure for Bell's palsy, most individuals recover fully over time.

Photo by fna405

In conclusion, Farmtruck's left-handed shake has sparked speculation among Street Outlaws fans. While it appears to be related to an injury on his right hand and is not influenced by his history with Bell's palsy, it remains a unique aspect of his persona. As with any characteristic, it adds to the intrigue and individuality of Farmtruck, further captivating the audience of the popular show.

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