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What Happened to Ryan Martin "Redrum"

The story of Redrum, a small red truck that gained legendary status in the world of street racing, has finally been unveiled by the team at 405 Photo, an automotive media group. Until now, the secrets and stories behind this famous truck were a mystery, leaving fans wondering about its origins and history.

RedRum started its life as a 2017 GMC truck, which Ryan purchased from a friend who specialized in buying damaged cars and repairing them. However, its story truly began when Hurricane Harvey hit Houston in 2018, causing significant damage to a local GMC dealership. Though many vehicles were destroyed, Ryan noticed a brand-new, never-driven GMC Sierra SLT inside the dealership and decided to purchase it as a total loss.

Photo by Fireball Camaro

Ryan had grand plans for the truck, aiming to create a daily driver with over 1000 horsepower. With the help of his friend Ricky, they worked on modifying the truck, adding power and installing a 4080 transmission. Before long, Redrum was pushing out a jaw-dropping 1300 horsepower, making it a serious contender on the streets and on the track.

Redrum quickly became a fan favorite among Ryan and Ricky's followers, who eagerly followed the truck's progress and watched as it was put to the test. It was featured on the 405 show, and Ryan even took it on a 100-mile cruise during a toy drive.

Photo by Fireball Camaro

However, after being driven hard for thousands of miles, the truck's engine finally gave out, and Redrum met its demise. Despite this, the truck's legacy lives on, serving as a testament to Ryan and Ricky's skill and passion for building and racing high-performance vehicles.

Photo by Fireball Camaro

If you're a fan of high-performance cars and trucks or are interested in learning more about building and modifying these vehicles, Ryan and Ricky's YouTube channel is worth checking out. Whether you're a seasoned gearhead or new to the world of high-performance vehicles, their channel offers something for everyone. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride!

Video by Fireball Camaro

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