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Update on No Prep Elite Brainerd & Racers

Hello, Street Outlaws fans! Welcome to, your go-to source for the latest updates on the Street Outlaws No Prep Elite race series. Today, we’re bringing you all the exciting details from the No Prep Elite race at Brainerd. Buckle up as we dive into the racers competing and what to expect from this action-packed event.

Photo by Street Outlaws Live 

Racers in Attendance

Today's event at Brainerd sees the return of some familiar faces, including Reaper and Alex Laughlin. Unfortunately, a few racers like Liy M and Nate Saylor are not present. However, the heavy hitters are all here: Gucci, Justin Srom, Ryan Martin, and Murder Nova. This is the fifth points race of the season, and we still have five more to go before determining the top 16 racers who will compete for the $150,000 championship.

Alex Laughlin’s New Setup

Alex Laughlin is back with his brand new PJS 49 Hemi combination. After facing challenges in the first part of the season, Alex is looking to make some fast passes with his new setup. His car now features a combination similar to Jim Howe’s, who is known for his impressive speed. Let’s see if Alex can turn his season around with this new configuration.

Photo by Dragzine

Grudge Races

One of the highlights of the day will be the grudge race in the second round, set to take place around 5:00 or 6:00 p.m. This race will feature Jim Howe going head-to-head with Murder Nova. Both teams are highly capable and their cars are among the fastest in the competition. Shawn, aka Murder Nova, is coming off a win from the last race and is currently fourth in points. Jim Howe typically skips the first round of grudge races, so he will be running against Murder Nova right off the trailer. This matchup is definitely one to watch.

Ryan Martin’s New Motor

Ryan Martin is also racing today with his gray car, even though his red car is finished and ready. He’s got a new motor in the gray car, which means it’s going to be extremely fast, as usual. Ryan is a top contender at every NPK event he attends, so keep an eye on his performance today and tomorrow.

Photo by Street Outlaws Live 

Weather Conditions

The weather is looking good, though the air quality is around 2700 feet, and water grains are in the 80s. While these conditions aren’t the best, the ProCharger and screw-blown cars are still expected to make a lot of power. This should lead to some interesting and competitive racing throughout the day.

Live Feed

The live feed is scheduled to start in about an hour, so make sure you tune in to catch all the action live. It's going to be an exciting race day with lots of fast cars and intense competition.

Stay tuned to for more updates and videos on the Street Outlaws No Prep Elite race series and other Street Outlaw shows. Don’t forget to subscribe and comment below with your thoughts on today’s races. Let’s see who comes out on top at Brainerd!

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Jun 23

Please keep it all going street outlaws and no prep Dana White we love all the racers so much

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