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Unveiling the Upgrades: Murder Nova Gears Up for No Prep Kings Season 7

Hello, Street Outlaws enthusiasts! Today, we dive into the exciting world of no prep racing as we explore the upcoming upgrades for the iconic Murder Nova, gearing up for No Prep Kings Season 7. From its debut in 2016 to the recent success in Season 6, Murder Nova has become a force to be reckoned with on the track. Join us as we dissect the starting upgrades that promise to make Season 7 even more thrilling for Shawn and the Murder Nova team.

Photo by Murder Nova 

The Birth of Murder Nova: Built in 2016 and making its debut at PR 2016, Murder Nova has undergone various transformations over the years. Constructed primarily by Don Dial Race Cars, the car has become synonymous with speed and power. After a few challenging seasons, Season 6 marked a turning point for Murder Nova, securing a fifth-place finish in the main point standings and clinching victory in several grade eight races.

Twin Turbo to ProCharger: A significant change occurred in Season 6 when Murder Nova shifted from a twin-turbo small block to a ProCharger-equipped Prine Hemi mh7 Hemi power plant. This alteration proved to be a game-changer, setting the stage for a remarkable season. However, the team is not resting on its laurels and is now preparing for further enhancements to ensure a competitive edge in Season 7.

Photo by Murder Nova 

Upcoming Upgrades: For No Prep Kings Season 7, Murder Nova is set to undergo a series of upgrades that will make it lighter, faster, and more formidable on the track. The car's weight, previously around 2,800 lbs, is being trimmed down significantly through a revamped front end and new doors. These modifications aim to optimize the car's performance and adhere to the evolving race rules.

A Switch to the 136 Blower: Anticipating potential rule changes, the team is considering a switch to the 136 blower, a move that could make Murder Nova even faster. Previous experiences with the smaller blower have demonstrated a considerable speed advantage, and the team is keen to capitalize on this in Season 7.

Photo by Murder Nova 

New Motor Acquisition: To further fortify Murder Nova's capabilities, the team has invested in a brand-new motor. The decision stems from the need to replace the previous motor, which suffered irreparable damage in the last race of the previous season. With a fresh motor and optimized weight, Murder Nova is gearing up to be a formidable contender in Season 7.

As anticipation builds for No Prep Kings Season 7, the upgrades to Murder Nova signal a commitment to pushing boundaries and setting new standards on the track. Shawn and the team's dedication to refining their machine showcases their unwavering pursuit of victory. With a lighter chassis, a potential switch to the 136 blower, and a brand-new motor, Murder Nova is poised to make waves in the upcoming season. Stay tuned to for more updates on your favorite Street Outlaws and the thrilling world of no prep racing!

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