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Unveiling the Hidden Potential of Roots Blowers in Street Racing!

In the fast-paced world of street racing, where every ounce counts and every horsepower matters, it's easy to get caught up in the hype surrounding certain types of superchargers. Lately, much of the conversation has revolved around the dominance of ProChargers and screw blowers. But what about the often overlooked Roots blower?

Photo by Mallory Elizabeth Photography

The Roots blower has been quietly making waves, offering a potential edge to those who can harness its power effectively. However, there's a catch – reaching the minimum weight required for competition. Yet, if someone can crack that code and hit the scales at the minimum weight with a Roots blower, they could be a serious contender.

Currently, the Roots blowers can dip as low as 2550 pounds on a Hemi, which is quite impressive considering the competition. Imagine pairing that with a top-notch Roots blower from manufacturers like Mike Janis or Chuck Ford – the possibilities are tantalizing.

Although not as commonly seen on the NPK, a few racers have dared to take on the challenge. Names like Cody Baker, Adam Jennings, and Brody Melton have stepped up to the plate with Roots blowers under their hoods. While they showed promise, many struggled to meet the minimum weight requirements, ultimately leading some to retire from NPK – a loss felt by fans and fellow racers alike.

Photo by Mallory Elizabeth Photography

However, there have been shining moments. Cody Baker's victory at an Invitational race with a Roots blower stands out as a testament to its potential. Despite the weight handicap, his performance showcased what could be achieved with the right setup and strategy.

Photo by Brody Melton

Comparing Roots blowers to their ProCharger and screw blower counterparts, efficiency becomes a factor. Roots blowers tend to generate more heat, which can impact performance. Yet, with a weight advantage of 200 pounds or more, that drawback may become negligible on the track.

In a sport where every advantage counts, the Roots blower presents an intriguing proposition. With the right combination of weight management and power delivery, it could offer a competitive edge against the more commonly seen supercharger setups. Will we see more Roots blowers dominating the streets? Only time will tell, but one thing's for sure – the underdog may just have its day in the sun.

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