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Unveiling Jim Howe's Mysterious Engine Combo for No Prep Kings Season 7

Street Outlaws fans, get ready for the inside scoop on Jim Howe's highly anticipated engine combination for No Prep Kings Season 7. The fastest screw-blown racer on NPK is gearing up for an exciting season with a new and mysterious setup that has the racing community buzzing. In this article, we'll delve into the hints, speculations, and possibilities surrounding Jim Howe's latest engine combo.

Photo by Dean Images

Jim Howe's Dominance on NPK: Jim Howe has earned his reputation as one of the most formidable competitors on No Prep Kings, consistently pushing the boundaries of speed and power. Despite facing some challenges in the previous season, Howe is coming back strong for Season 7, promising fans an exhilarating display of speed and skill.

Speculations on Engine Change: Rumors have been circulating about Jim Howe's potential engine change for the upcoming season. While he initially hinted at the possibility of switching things up, recent developments suggest that he might be sticking with his current setup. The intrigue lies in the secrecy surrounding the details of his new combination, keeping fans on the edge of their seats.

Photo by Dean Images

The Cryptic Facebook Post: The latest clue in the puzzle comes from a Facebook post by Jim Howe himself. A photo of a large box, resembling motor parts or components, has sparked speculation and excitement among fans. The post includes a message indicating that no discussion about the contents should take place until the new rules for NPK Season 7 are released. This secrecy only adds to the mystery and anticipation surrounding Howe's new engine combination.

Analyzing the Possibilities: While details remain scarce, enthusiasts are speculating on the potential upgrades Jim Howe might be introducing. The current leading theory suggests an upgraded version of his existing motor combination, possibly a 49-Nan combo. Howe's impressive track record, including a remarkable 207 mph run in the eighth mile, hints at the capability of his current setup. However, the mystery deepens as Howe claims that his exact combination is unique and not replicated by any other racer.

Photo by Mallory Elizabeth Photography 

Other Possibilities: In the world of No Prep Kings, possibilities are endless. Some enthusiasts are considering the prospect of a small block Hemi combination, a setup that has proven successful in the past, particularly with a screw-blown configuration. Names like David Rees and his Nunan small block combination come to mind, showcasing the potential of such setups in high-performance racing.

As the anticipation builds for No Prep Kings Season 7, fans of Street Outlaws are eagerly awaiting the unveiling of Jim Howe's new engine combination. The cryptic Facebook post, the promises of increased speed, and the element of surprise have set the stage for an exciting season ahead. Until the NPK Season 7 rules are released, the racing community will continue to speculate, discuss, and eagerly anticipate the moment when Jim Howe's mysterious engine combo is finally revealed on the track. Stay tuned for more updates on!

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