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Truth About Big Chief and Reaper Feud

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Controversy is one of the things that never lacked in the Street Outlaws show ever since the beginning, so we are going to discuss one of the bigger ones that happened between the guys of the 405 team.

Amongst many other disagreements that the members of the 405 have had, we today refer to the one between Big Chief and Reaper.

Many of you will remember the episode when Reaper challenged all of the 405 to check out his car since many were saying that his car did not fit the 405 list rules, which were steel roof steel quarter panels, and no composite body on top of a chassis.

Well, it turned out that many of the 405 guys were actually right, and while Reaper challenged them all to show them his ride, it turned out that he was wrong when it came to understanding the rules of the game and in a self-induced way, he managed to get his car kicked out of the list. This was one of the first times that Big Chief and Reaper bumped heads and it turned out that there was not just one side of the story.

The story that we all knew was that Reaper tried to skim around the rules and this is why his car got disqualified from the popular 405 list, however, it seems that he has a different story than this one and this time he would like everybody to hear it. While his story is mainly regarding Big Chief’s behavior, in a way he is trying to tell us all that we are not being shown the entire picture, so why don’t we take a look at both sides of the story and see if we can make our own decision regarding the matter of Big Chief and Reaper, check it out.

Video by eCelebrityFacts

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