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Trade Alert and Event Moved at Galot Motorsport Park with Kye Kelley Still on Top Spot!

In the exhilarating world of street racing, the No Prep Kings Season 6 has been nothing short of thrilling. The racing world at Galot Motorsports Park recently witnessed a trade alert that sent shockwaves through the Street Outlaws NPK community. Murder Nova, a prominent figure in the racing scene, orchestrated a significant trade deal. In a stunning move, Murder Nova traded B-rad and James "Doc" Love, along with a generous sum of $7,500 in cash, and a Burromax Scooter to Mike Murrilo in exchange for the talented duo of Scott Taylor and Brandon James. This trade deal has the racing community buzzing with excitement.

Trade Alert at Galot Motorsports Park

Trade Alert at Galot Motorsports Park. Photo by streetoutlaws_npkspoilers

The acquisition of Scott Taylor and Brandon James adds a fresh dynamic to the Murder Nova team. The anticipation is high to see how these new additions will impact the team's performance in the upcoming races. It's clear that the Murder Nova team is poised for some thrilling races, and fans are eagerly awaiting to see how Scott Taylor and Brandon James elevate their game to new heights. Can Scott Taylor and Brandon James step up and help propel the team to victory? Tune into the remaining No Prep Kings events this season to find out!

Trade Twists and Nate Sayler Dominates the Great 8 at Galot Motorsport Park!

That pin on his shirt! Photo by Richard Rowe

In addition to the trade alert, there has been a change in the schedule due to the unpredictable weather. The forecasted rain on Saturday prompted a schedule adjustment for the Street Outlaws NPK event. The races will now take place on Friday and Sunday, ensuring that fans can still enjoy the high-octane action despite the weather challenges.

Event moved due to the forecasted rain on Saturday

Event moved due to the forecasted rain on Saturday. Photo by No Prep Kings

Heading into the semi-finals, the matchups are set: Nate Sayler vs Murder Nova and Axman vs Damon Merchant. Nate Sayler goes head-to-head with Murder Nova, while Axman faces off against Damon Merchant. These matchups promise to be intense battles, with each racer striving for victory.

Video by Street Outlaws Insider

In a thrilling conclusion, it was Nate Sayler who emerged as the Great 8 winner at Galot Motorsports Park. This is also his first career Great 8 event win. His impressive performance throughout the event has solidified his position as the one to beat for the remainder of the season. The racing community is abuzz with excitement as they look forward to the upcoming races, where Nate Sayler is obviously the person to beat!

Nate Sayler dominates the Great 8 at Galot Motorsports Park

Nate Sayler dominates the Great 8 at Galot Motorsports Park. Photo by Richard Rowe

As of the latest update, Kye Kelley still maintains his stronghold on the first position with a solid 50 points. It's worth noting that even though Kye exited the Great 8 in the first round in the past two races and only managed to advance one round earlier, he's held onto that top spot.

However, hot on Kye's tail is Axman, with an impressive 39.5 points. This has set the stage for a tantalizing battle for the championship. The recent Galot Great 8 event saw Nate Sayler emerging victorious, defeating a formidable competitor. Nate's win catapulted him to third place with 35 points, and it's clear that he's a force to be reckoned with.

The totals after Great 8 at Galot Motorsports Park

The Great 8 totals with Kye Kelley still on top spot. Photo by Street Outlaws Stat Guy

Meanwhile, Murder Nova has secured a respectable 30 points, while Giuseppe Gentile is not far behind with 29 points. The standings further include Kayla with 26 points, Damon with 17.5 points, and Lizzy with 16 points. However, the racers below Lizzy, such as Robin Roberts, Ryan Martin, David Gates, Kallee Mills, Chuck 55, and Jim Howe, have fewer than 16 points and are not in contention for the individual championship.

The chances of Lizzy and Damon securing the championship are slim, as they would need to win both upcoming races while Kye Kelley is eliminated early. In the world of drag racing, though, surprises can happen, and nothing can be ruled out, especially in No Prep Kings.

The competition is set to intensify, and Kye Kelley's position at the top is far from secure. Axman, in particular, is a major contender and could potentially catch up to Kye. The upcoming races are crucial, with the last event of the season offering double points, which could completely change the championship landscape.

Lizzy Musi

Photo by Lizzy Musi

What makes this season even more exciting is that the title is up for grabs, and even racers like Kayla, with 26 points, could emerge as a dark horse if they perform exceptionally well in the next two races and if circumstances align in their favor. Anything can happen in the unpredictable world of drag racing, especially in the No Prep Kings series.

Kayla Morton and her "Hot Mess Express"

Photo by Mallory Elizabeth Photography

As the season progresses, we are witnessing the rise and fall of contenders, with each race bringing new possibilities and challenges. The individual championship is in a state of constant flux, with racers giving it their all to claim the coveted title. Will Kye Kelley maintain his lead, or will someone else emerge as the ultimate champion? Only time will tell, but one thing is for certain: the excitement and drama of No Prep Kings Season 6 are far from over.

Now check put full video of the Great 8 class at Galot Motorsports Park by Upshift:

Video by Upshift

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