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This Is When "We Can't Be Friends" Happens Again

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

Before we start talking about the video, we believe we have to give you some context as to why these guys are saying what they are saying about Robin Roberts.

Last year, in an episode of Street Outlaws No Prep Kings from New England Dragway, Mega Cash Days winner Brandon James defeated Robin Roberts. But after losing that race, Robin pressured Brandon and told him that if he goes across the scales after the race, they cannot be friends anymore.

From the angle of the starting line, it appeared like James may have jumped. However, the green light was on, which meant that it was a clean pass. Unless there was a glitch, the red light would have come on had James truly jumped. Robin wife was not pleased following the pass. She claimed that James had jumped. Yet, James, who is in his first season of No Prep Kings, claimed; however, that he was super lucky on the light.

Photo by Discovery

On the top end, Roberts also claimed, like his wife, that James had jumped. Then, the cameras caught Roberts and James talking to each other. The Team X driver forced James, who is representing Team California, to miss the scales. This disqualified James. And result, it allowed Roberts to advance to the next round. He said “If you don’t go over the scales, the we’re good. We just be friends anymore.”

Video by Discovery

The internet went crazy over this and many lost respects for Robin Roberts for his behavior. Now that you are all caught up, let’s talk about what happens in this video from the Tucson Dragway event.

Photos by StreetOutlawVids

As both blue cars sit right next to each other, Robin Roberts lights the first bulb and since his engine is powered by a twin-turbo setup, you would expect him to start building boost. Odom in his screw-blown Nissan GTR gives him about five seconds before he goes in and lights both bulbs, just like many other racers do. Knowing that there are seven seconds to light the top bulb, it looks like Robin panicked and messed up the entire staging procedure. This resulted in him turning on the red light which basically gave the win to Odom before his light even turned green. Robin wife was just mad about this and Robin was not pleased talking with Odom. Let’s check out below video to see what he talked about this.

Video by StreetOutlawVids

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