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The Rumored Feud Between Larry Larson And Jeff Lutz

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Street Outlaws is a show that showcases one thing above all: thrilling racing. The sport is very competitive and requires racers to spend years improving their vehicles. Many times, the drivers face each other in intense races to see who’s faster. That’s what the show is about, right? But some of the Street Outlaws stars are not only competitive on the track, but also in their everyday lives. For example, there seems to be a feud between Larry Larson and Jeff Lutz, two of the show’s stars. What is the reason for their dislike of each other? What is behind all the drama? Read on to find out.

Street Outlaws fans may have noticed that Larry and Jeff don’t get along very well with each other, unlike other cast members. They are both friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable about racing with others, but they have been cold and distant with each other for a long time. Larry and Jeff have raced against each other many times, and the outcome depended on their cars. But they have also exchanged words off the track. A Reddit user revealed some information that explains why Larry and Jeff behave the way they do. According to them, Jeff criticized Larry for supporting “pro mods” at some point, before Jeff himself also used the same controversial modifications to his car, which helped him win Drag Week.

Photo by Street Outlaws Live

One other user stated that Larry actually won Drag Week five years in a row some time ago, and Jeff was only able to secure his first victory after Larry stopped competing.

Photo by Dragzine

Beyond their disagreements on how cars should be built, Larry has also allegedly said that he simply just doesn't like Jeff, per another Redditor.

Nonetheless, their feud hasn't ever boiled over into any one-on-one verbal or physical engagements. Considering how long of a history Larry and Jeff have in the sport together (for better or worse), it's safe to say that this "cold war" of racers will likely only ever heat up on the pavement.

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