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The Potential Return of Ryan Martin's Gray Camaro to No Prep Kings Season 7?

Hey Street Outlaws fans, it's time to dive into the latest buzz surrounding Ryan Martin and his Fireball Camaro. With the new season of No Prep Kings underway, there's been a lot of speculation about whether Ryan will unleash his legendary gray Camaro or stick with the Fireball.

Photo by Richard Rowe

Let's break it down. The Fireball Camaro made quite the statement in its debut with the new screw blown setup. Despite some shaky performances in the second and fourth races, Ryan showed his prowess by clinching victory in the third outing. That's not something to overlook.

So, why the hesitation to bring out the gray car? Well, it seems Ryan is finding his groove with the Fireball. During testing, he even mentioned that it outpaced any setup he's run before on NPK. Plus, if we look at the stats, three out of four races in NPK season 7 have been won by screw blown setups. That's significant.

Photo by Upshift

Some argue that the ProCharger might have its moments, especially when the air is crisp. But as the summer months roll in, with hotter temperatures and possibly higher humidity, the screw blown setup tends to shine, particularly on tracks with higher altitudes.

But here's the real kicker - the competition is fierce. No Prep Kings is no longer a one-man show. Anyone, even a seasoned pro like Ryan, can face an early exit. Just look at what happened last week.

Video by Upshift360

So, what's the verdict? It seems Ryan is sticking with the Fireball for now, and rightfully so. He's proven he can win with anything under the hood. The days of one driver dominating NPK are over, but that doesn't mean Ryan won't clinch victory again this season. It's anyone's game.

As we gear up for the next race, anticipation is high. The air is promising, and rumors suggest the track is lightning fast. Will Ryan continue his reign with the Fireball, or will he surprise us all with the gray Camaro? Only time will tell. Stay tuned to for all the latest updates and insights.

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