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The Controversial Split in Street Outlaws!!!

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

The viewership numbers for the small tire Street Outlaws Oklahoma show have been steadily declining. While some may view this as a reason for concern and a sign of a drop in popularity, we believe that people are simply watching less TV and instead paying attention to the Street Outlaws through various other media.

Photo by Street Outlaws

Nowadays, almost all of the show's clips and videos can be found on different streaming services, and the same goes for Street Outlaws Oklahoma. Because of this, we believe that while people may not be watching the show on TV, they have found other ways and places to watch it.

In our humble opinion, the show made a smart move by focusing on small tires and getting closer to many street racers who race on smaller tires, unlike the very few who can afford cars with such huge amounts of power and tires for street racing.

Photo by Street Outlaws

This means that the show's popularity will likely continue to grow instead of declining, with more and more street racers tuning in to every episode on various streaming platforms.

The fact that almost all of the drivers have their own successful YouTube channels supports our theory about why TV viewership is declining, even though the show remains popular.

However, the main topic of Sim's video is something else entirely. He is trying to explain something that may not make sense to many viewers: the producers have decided to split episodes. This is where we stand at the moment, so let's hear what Sim has to say about it.

Video by Sim ABCXYZ

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