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Tempers Boil Over as Jeff Lutz Lost A Controversial Clash

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

As the Street Outlaws have progressed incredibly far with how they race, it’s sometimes fun to take a look back over the timeline from time to time to see where they’ve all been.

When the No Prep Kings season kicked off at Bandimere Speedway in season 2, there was a little bit of drama to mix things up a bit. The controversial race happened in the Round 3 of the event where Jeff Lutz has been one of the front-runner for a while so Scott Taylor seemed to be ready to dial up an impressive tune to try to catch him. Whether or not this haymaker would pay off would be another story, though, that would have to be spelled out on the drag strip.

Photo by Rush Discovery NZ

During the race, everything goes down smoothly as each competitor appears to have a really solid pass. With that, Scott Taylor appears to cross the finish line first but at the end of it all, Jeff was in anger after he lost this controversial clash against Scott Taylor.

Photo by Rush Discovery NZ

Video by Rush Discovery NZ

It certainly had to be frustrating to make it down the track first, only to see that you weren’t declared the winner. Fortunately, everything was sorted out and the rightful winner would proceed.

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