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Team NOLA's Todd Spiers New Mustang Horrible Incident

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Street Outlaws is a reality television show that follows the lives of street racers across the United States. One of the teams featured on the show is Team NOLA, in which team member is Todd Spiers. He was seen joining Fastest in America season one, two and three on behalf of New Orleans team against another teams and he went right down extremely fast with his old Fox Body Mustang. In recent news, Todd Spiers has been making headlines for his new Mustang and an incident that occurred during a testing.

Brand new Todd Spiers Fox Body Mustang by Bad Habitz Fabrication

Photo and video by Catie Spiers

Todd Spiers is known for his impressive driving skills and his passion for racing. He recently acquired a new Mustang that he was eager to test out on the track. Bad Habitz Fabrication finished this beautiful S550 Fox Body Mustang for Todd and prepared to test it for the first time. However, things quickly took a turn for the worse. In the second pass, the car took flight through the air and crashed. This is a horrible scenario and extremely bad for Todd since this is his brand new car, brand new built and very expensive one.

Fortunately, Todd Spiers was out safely from the incident with only minor injuries. His wife and daughter later took to social media to address the incident and reassure his fans that he was okay. She wrote on Todd Spier Facebook page: “Todd is fine. Banged up a little bit. Taking him to get checked out now. We will keep everyone on posted. Thanks everyone for the prayers! Means more than y’all know.”

Photo by Todd Spiers Facebook Page

Overall, while the incident was undoubtedly a scary moment for Todd Spiers and his fans, it serves as a testament to his dedication and determination. Todd Spiers is a skilled driver who is willing to push the limits to improve his performance on the track. As he continues to race and compete, his fans will undoubtedly be cheering him on every step of the way. Hopefully he can get his Mustang repaired and will be back on the track, ready to take on his competitors.

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