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Team Memphis Achieves Fourth Consecutive Victory in Street Outlaws: Fastest in America

In a thrilling display of skill, determination, and sheer speed, Team Memphis has once again emerged triumphant in the adrenaline-fueled competition of Street Outlaws: Fastest in America in Las Vegas. With their fourth consecutive victory, Team Memphis has firmly established themselves as the dominant force in the high-stakes world of street racing.

Throughout the competition, Team Memphis delivered unforgettable moments that left spectators and rival teams in awe. Whether it was a lightning-fast start off the line, a perfectly executed maneuver to gain an edge in a tight race, or a heart-stopping finish that left their opponents in the dust, Team Memphis consistently raised the bar for street racing excellence. Their performance ignited the passion of fans and reaffirmed their status as the team to beat.

Photo by Street Outlaws

Tricia Wayne, the wife of JJ Da Boss, secured the championship title with an impressive victory, leading Team Memphis to claim the coveted $100,000 grand prize. Plus, the team had the opportunity to accumulate additional earnings throughout the competition, with each night of victory bringing in extra money and especially, the final night of $69,000.

Photo by Outlaw Production

Dream Team and Team NOLA achieved commendable second and third place finishes, respectively, with both teams closely matched in terms of earnings. It is worth noting that in the previous year, Team Memphis emerged victorious against another California-based team led by Jermaine Boddie. During the first two seasons, Team Memphis also prevailed over Team NOLA.

Photo by Outlaw Production

As Team Memphis basks in the glory of their latest triumph, the street racing world eagerly awaits the next chapter in their remarkable journey. Will they continue to dominate the competition and extend their winning streak? Or will new challengers rise to the occasion and pose a formidable threat to their reign? Only time will tell.

Photo by Outlaw Production

A new installment of Fastest in America is slated to be filmed this summer, specifically in July, taking advantage of a break in the Street Outlaws No Prep Kings schedule. This upcoming filming will provide another opportunity for street racing enthusiasts to witness the high-octane action and intense competition.

Video by Outlaw Production

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