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Street Outlaws - The Drama of Guessing the Light on No Prep Kings & Why the Tree Won’t Change

Well, hello, everybody! Welcome to another edition of Street Outlaws No Prep Talk. Today, we're diving into one of the hottest topics of No Prep Kings Season 7: guessing the light. Every single season, this issue resurfaces, sparking incidents, fights, and endless drama. Let’s break down why they won’t change the tree to a pro tree and why this keeps the excitement alive in NPK.

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First off, for those new to the show, Street Outlaws is packed with action, and No Prep Kings is no different. It thrives on drama, and guessing the light is a big part of that. So, why don’t they switch to a pro tree? Simply put, it’s all about the drama and the uniqueness it brings to the show.

In traditional drag racing, a pro tree setup is used. Here, amber lights flash in sequence before the green light, giving racers a predictable pattern to react to. But in NPK, they use an instant green light, meaning the green light comes on without any warning after the second bulb is lit. This unpredictability creates a significant challenge: do you react as fast as you can when the green light appears, or do you try to guess when it will light up?

Reacting to the light isn’t guessing. A good reaction time involves seeing the green light and then launching your car. However, if a racer can figure out the countdown and predict exactly when the green light will appear, they can launch their car a split second before it comes on. This technique is risky because mistiming it can result in a red light, disqualifying the racer.

Photo by Mallory Elizabeth Photography 

The timing between the second bulb lighting up and the green light dropping can vary from track to track. Some tracks keep it constant, making it easier to guess, while others change it up to keep racers on their toes. This variability adds another layer of excitement and challenge, making it harder to perfect the guessing game.

Despite the racers’ calls to switch to a pro tree for fairness, the producers of NPK are likely to keep the instant green light. Why? Because it fuels the drama. Every season, we see fights break out over this very issue. Just this past weekend, several altercations erupted due to disagreements over light guessing. The drama draws viewers, keeps fans engaged, and differentiates NPK from other drag racing shows.

Photo by Mallory Elizabeth Photography 

Moreover, there’s talk of enhancing the live feed experience by adding cameras at the big end of the track. These cameras would capture the moments when racers exit their cars, often leading to heated confrontations. While these altercations have been part of the TV show, seeing them live would bring a new level of excitement for fans watching from home.

In conclusion, the guessing game at the light is here to stay in No Prep Kings. It’s part of what makes the show thrilling and unpredictable. So, while some may call for a switch to a pro tree, it’s clear that the drama and excitement of the instant green light are too valuable to let go. Stay tuned for more high-octane action, and remember, it’s not just about racing – it’s about the show!

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