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Street Outlaws Shine at World Series of Pro Mod: Qualification Updates After Q2

Street Outlaws enthusiasts, gear up for the latest updates from the World Series of Pro Mod, where the fearless racers from the renowned Street Outlaws crew are making their mark. In this article, we'll delve into the exciting developments after Q2, highlighting the standout performances and the challenges faced by the Street Outlaws representatives.

Photo by World Series of Pro Mod

Qualified Racers: The competition is fierce at the $100,000 World Series of Pro Mod race, and after the second round of qualifying (Q2), we have some notable Street Outlaws making waves. At the top of the leaderboard is Mark Bicky, securing the coveted number one spot.

Chuck Barker, known for his prowess in the Chuck 55, is comfortably positioned in the 16th spot. Running Cole Pases Pro Mod, he impressed with a remarkable 3.67-second pass at 205 mph. With such impressive numbers, Barker seems assured of a spot in the race, showcasing the caliber of Street Outlaws on the grand stage.

Mike Bowman, another Street Outlaw contender, is currently in the 32nd spot, the bump position in the 32-car field. Despite a solid 3.71-second pass at 198.23 mph, Bowman faced tough competition and got bumped out in subsequent runs. However, with his experience and determination, Bowman is gearing up for Q3 to secure his spot in the field.

Photo by World Series of Pro Mod

Challenges and Triumphs: The World Series of Pro Mod is not without its challenges. Chuck 55 and Mike Bowman are pushing the limits, with Chuck Barker's impressive performance securing a strong position. Mike Bowman faced setbacks but demonstrated resilience, with hopes high for a successful Q3 run. Bowman's team is adapting to a new Pro Mod setup, featuring a screw blown engine, adding an extra layer of complexity to their strategy.

Mike Bowman, a past champion of the World Series of Pro Mod in 2017, is no stranger to the pressure. Despite struggling during Q2, Bowman's team is determined to overcome hurdles and make a statement in the highly competitive field of 66 Pro Mods.

Photo by World Series of Pro Mod

Looking Ahead: As the Street Outlaws prepare for Q3, fans eagerly anticipate their favorite racers showcasing their skills and pushing the limits. With Chuck Barker comfortably qualified and Mike Bowman aiming for a stronger performance, the World Series of Pro Mod promises an exhilarating spectacle for Street Outlaws enthusiasts.

Stay tuned to for more updates on the Street Outlaws' journey at the World Series of Pro Mod. Whether it's Chuck Barker's impressive run or Mike Bowman's comeback story, the Street Outlaws are leaving their mark on the prestigious event. The world of no prep racing is heating up, and the Street Outlaws are at the forefront, ready to conquer the $100,000 World Series of Pro Mod.

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