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Street Outlaws - Scott Taylor Unveils Track Doe No Prep Kings Camaro for Sale & Unbeatable Offer on

Street Outlaws fans are in for a treat as Scott Taylor, a prominent figure in the No Prep Kings (NPK) series, has recently announced the sale of his track-proven Camaro. In a recent update, Taylor revealed that his NPK Camaro, a front-runner in the series, is up for grabs as a turnkey deal or as a roller.

Photo by Dragzine

For a price tag of $225,000, enthusiasts can secure the turnkey package, which includes a Prine Hemi - upgraded to the powerful MH7 from the previous MH6, a ProCharger 1401, transmission, and a comprehensive electronics setup. This deal positions buyers to own a machine with the potential to compete at the highest levels of NPK.

Photo by Scott Taylor

Opting for the roller option at $130,000 gives buyers the chassis without the engine, blower, transmission, or electronics. While this option requires additional investment, it provides an opportunity for those who prefer a personalized touch or already possess compatible components.

Photo by Scott Taylor

What makes this offer particularly attractive is the significant cost savings compared to building a new car from scratch, a process that can easily run into the $300,000 to $400,000 range. Taylor's Camaro, though built two years ago, is a testament to its durability and capability, having been a contender in NPK since Season 4.

Taylor is already in the process of building another Camaro, hinting at potential upgrades. Moreover, there's speculation about a Tracho Joho-style car, an Oldsmobile model, in the pipeline. For racing enthusiasts eyeing a competitive entry into NPK, Scott Taylor's Camaro presents an exciting opportunity to own a proven and high-performance machine at a remarkable value.

Photo by Scott Taylor

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