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Street Outlaws Rev Up for The Biggest Small Tire Event in Motorsports History!

In a recent announcement from the Street Outlaws crew, they revealed their preparations for an exciting event called Race Palooza. This high-octane motorsports spectacle is scheduled to happen at NOLA Motorsports Park from November 10th to 12th, ensuring a weekend brimming with thrilling races and a host of other exciting activities.

2023 Race Palooza New Orleans

The biggest small tire event in motorsports history is coming! Photo by Race Palooza

Race Palooza defies the conventions of typical racing events; it emerges as a colossal motorsports spectacle. Picture this: mighty monster trucks roaring, agile drift cars elegantly sliding around corners, the thunderous presence of Top Fuel dragsters on the track, and, of course, the legendary Street Outlaws at the forefront. However, there's an intriguing twist - they'll be competing on diminutive 28 10-5 tires, promising a distinctive and thrilling challenge for both racers and enthusiasts.

2023 Race Palooza New Orleans

Photo by Race Palooza

One of the most captivating facets of Race Palooza is the impressive 64-car field that will electrify the track. It resembles a No Prep Kings race but with the added intensity of small tires. With such a vast field, fans can eagerly anticipate witnessing a staggering six rounds of racing, each more exhilarating than the previous.

Street Outlaws has always been synonymous with the adrenaline rush of street racing, but Race Palooza offers a distinct experience. In a recent live broadcast, Scott Taylor underscored that this event would come as close as possible to witnessing these legendary street racers in their element. They will be unleashing their high-powered machines on the straightaways of NOLA Motorsports Park, pushing the boundaries of their small tire setups. It's a unique opportunity to see the Street Outlaws showcasing their skills.

Video by Scott Taylor Motorsport

The roster for Race Palooza features a lineup that reads like a who's who of Street Outlaws royalty. Anticipate the appearance of fan favorites such as Ryan Martin, Scott Taylor, Birdman, Daddy Dave, and Reaper, among others. Additionally, there's a chance that some of the multi-racers from Mega Cash Days might grace the event, further elevating its star-studded status. With these legends competing on small tires, you can expect intense rivalry and epic showdowns on the racetrack.

Ryan Martin at Race Palooza

Some of the legendary Street Outlaws at the forefront of Race Palooza!

For those who may have concerns about the future of No Prep Kings, you can rest assured that it's here to stay. Despite occasional rumors of its demise, No Prep Kings is thriving. The attendance figures for NPK events this season are a testament to its continued popularity, with packed grandstands on Saturdays and a solid turnout even on Fridays. Therefore, fans can confidently anticipate more exhilarating no-prep racing action in the coming seasons.

Race Palooza is not just a one-time event. Scott Taylor dropped hints that there may be more events like this in the pipeline. This exciting revelation means that fans can look forward to a wider variety of thrilling competitions in the future, providing fresh and diverse ways to immerse themselves in the world of Street Outlaws.

The official countdown to Race Palooza has begun, and tickets are already available for purchase. If you're eager to witness this epic small tire showdown in person, now is the perfect opportunity to secure your spot.

Video by Race Palooza

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