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Street Outlaws No Prep Kings Racers Take on World Series of Pro Mod

Hello, Street Outlaws fans! Get ready for an exciting update on some of your favorite No Prep Kings (NPK) racers as they gear up to conquer the World Series of Pro Mod. In this article, we'll dive into the details of who's hitting the track, the classes they're racing in, and what we can expect from these street racing legends.

Photo by Kallee Mills Racing 

The NPK Connection: While we eagerly await the announcement of Season 6 and the schedule for Season 7 of Street Outlaws No Prep Kings, some of our favorite racers are keeping the adrenaline pumping by participating in other high-stakes events. One such event is the prestigious World Series of Pro Mod, scheduled to take place at the beginning of March.

CI Mills and the Golden Kong: First on the lineup is CI Mills, piloting the powerful Golden Kong. This seasoned racer will be competing in a brand-new 105 class at the World Series of Pro Mod. The details on whether they'll be running 33 105 tires, 28 105 tires, or a setup similar to the old Outlaw 105 racing series are yet to be unveiled. With a beastly car equipped with a Brad Hemy screw blower, CI Mills is poised to make waves in this exciting new class.

Photo by Kallee Mills Racing 

Mike Bowman's Pro Mod Comeback: Another familiar face making waves at the World Series of Pro Mod is veteran racer Mike Bowman. Having previously claimed victory in 2017, Bowman is no stranger to the Pro Mod scene. Last year, he faced challenges with a Chevelle Pro Mod, but this time around, he's back with the procharged MH7 Brad Hemy combo that's been turning heads in the NPK series. With his experience and a new setup, Bowman is eyeing another win in the main $100,000 race.

Justin Swanstrom's Mystery Machine: Adding to the intrigue is Justin Swanstrom, a versatile racer known for his prowess across various classes. While the details of what he'll be running are still under wraps, Swanstrom is a wildcard who races everything from no time and small tire to big tire and NPK. Stay tuned to see what he brings to the table at this high-stakes event.

Photo by Justin Swanstrom 

As the World Series of Pro Mod approaches in just three weeks, the excitement is building among fans of Street Outlaws and NPK racing. With CI Mills, Mike Bowman, and Justin Swanstrom ready to represent the street outlaws on a grand stage, this $100,000-to-win event promises intense competition and adrenaline-fueled action. Keep an eye on for more updates on these thrilling races and the latest news from the world of street racing. Subscribe, comment, and stay tuned for exclusive content dedicated to Street Outlaws, NPK, and other street racing events!

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