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Street Outlaws No Prep Kings Maple Grove Winners and Losers Bracket Revealed!

It's time to break down the winners and losers bracket from the latest adrenaline-fueled event at Maple Grove Raceway for Street Outlaws No Prep Kings Season 7. With 26 cars revving up for action, the stakes were sky-high and the competition fierce.

Photo by Stat Guy

In the winners bracket, some heavy hitters emerged to claim their spots in the next round. We've got Jim Howe facing off against Lizzy Musi, while Jimmy Taylor gears up to take on Jerry Bird. And who isn't pumped for the showdown between Kye Kelley and Murder Nova? Talk about a clash of the titans!

Photo by Upshift

Tony McKinney squares off against Birdman, Daddy Dave goes head-to-head with Robin Roberts, and Ryan Martin, the speed demon himself, faces off against Bobby Ducote. It's a lineup packed with fast cars and even faster drivers, making for some nail-biting races ahead.

But as the winners celebrated their victories, the losers bracket revealed a different kind of intensity. Scott Taylor goes toe-to-toe with Chuck Seitsinger, while Doc and Paige Coughlin both aim for redemption after solid passes. And who can forget Alex Laughin's impressive run against Justin Swanstrom, even if he clipped a cone at the finish line?

Photo by Upshift

But the action doesn't stop there. John Odm faces off against Jeff Lutz, both hungry for a shot at glory despite early setbacks. With the track posing its own challenges, every racer is pushing themselves to the limit to come out on top.

And speaking of challenges, conditions are prime for some serious speed at Maple Grove. With perfect air and power on tap, it's anyone's game out there. Plus, with no points up for grabs in the first three races, the pressure is on to make every run count.

But let's not forget the missing contenders like Nate Sayler and Kallee Mills. With the championship still a few races away, there's plenty of time for the competition to heat up even more.

Photo by Nate Sayler Racing

So buckle up because Street Outlaws No Prep Kings at Maple Grove Raceway is delivering the goods. With fast cars, fierce competition, and a whole lot of adrenaline, it's shaping up to be one hell of a show. Stay tuned for all the latest updates and race highlights right here at!

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