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Street Outlaws Larry Axman's Shocking Things!

In the exhilarating world of streetcar racing, few names stand out as brightly as Larry Roach, affectionately nicknamed Axman. Possessing an insatiable thirst for speed and an unwavering love for automobiles, Larry has etched his name deeply into the history of racing. He is most renowned for his appearances on the popular television series "Street Outlaws," where Axman has garnered a devoted following, captivating fans not only with his fearless racing prowess but also with his charismatic personality. Today, we embark on an exciting journey through the life of Larry Roach, delving into his racing career, modest beginnings, and the thrilling adventures that lie on the horizon.

Larry "Axman"

Photo by Dragzine

Larry's passion for racing was sparked during his early years when he witnessed his older cousins dominating the racetrack. Fueled by a desire to surpass his relatives, he fully immersed himself in the racing world, dedicating relentless effort to refining his skills. Remarkably, at the tender age of ten, he embarked on his journey by working in a garage, setting the stage for his future pursuits. Growing up on a humble dirt road with limited resources, Larry drew strength and comfort from the unwavering support of his family, valuing their presence above all else.

When Larry reached the age of 15, he had already established himself as the primary mechanic for his cousins' cars. His determination to enhance the speed of vehicles drove him to invest numerous hours in tweaking and fine-tuning engines. With a thirst for knowledge, he actively sought guidance from experienced professionals and applied his freshly acquired expertise to build some of the community's most remarkable automobiles. This period marked the inception of his enduring love for racing, propelling him onto an exciting and lifelong journey.

Axman and his Mustang "Game Changer"

Photo by Radical Speed

Larry's racing trajectory took off when he burst onto the scene in Benson, North Carolina, as a contestant on "Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings." Armed with his dependable 1964 Chevy, his goal was to demonstrate his skills against some of the finest racers in the field. Although the moment was filled with nerves, Larry's unyielding determination and precision on the racetrack secured him a spot in the second season of "Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings." This achievement marked the realization of a long-cherished dream for Larry "Axman", who had always aspired to compete at this elite level.

Larry "Axman"

Photo by Radical Speed

As Larry continued to excel on the racetrack, his reputation for making rapid, precise decisions and interpreting the ever-shifting racing conditions became the stuff of legends. His charismatic personality and extraordinary driving talents swiftly endeared him to audiences nationwide, solidifying his position as a prominent figure in the racing world. "Street Outlaws" soared to massive success, with Larry's presence alongside other talented drivers significantly contributing to its widespread popularity. In addition to his passion for racing, Larry "Axman" wears multiple hats. He operates a thriving logging company called X-Men Enterprises, which he showcases to the world through his YouTube channel, "Axman & Axlady." Through this platform, he provides a glimpse into his life as a logger, making the world of logging accessible and engaging to a broad audience.

Axman and Axlady

Axman and Axlady at No Prep Kings event. Photo by Axman + Axlady

Central to Larry's achievements is his close-knit family. Since their marriage in June 2016, his wife, Sarah, has been an unwavering source of support. Sarah's encouragement and backing have played a pivotal role in Larry's racing career, and their shared commitment to their children - Nitro Cam, Nova, and Ryder - underscores the significance of love and togetherness in their lives.

The pressing question that's piquing everyone's curiosity is, "What is Axman up to now?" The response is nothing short of thrilling. Larry "Axman" is all primed and ready to dive into this year's No Prep Kings competition, armed with his brand-new Mustang, geared to challenge his fellow racers and make them break a sweat. Brace yourselves for a season that's bound to be electric as Larry "Axman" makes his triumphant return to the racetrack.

Axman and his Mustang "Game Changer"

Axman and his Mustang "Game Changer". Photo by Mallory Elizabeth Photography

Larry "Axman" Roach has traced an incredible journey from his modest beginnings to achieving recognition as a celebrated street racer and television personality. His unwavering commitment to the sport, authentic personality, and steadfast family support have propelled him to the forefront of the racing universe. As Axman gears up for his next thrilling racing adventure, fans and enthusiasts alike are eagerly anticipating the upcoming exhilarating season.

Axman, Axlady and Game Changer at Tulsa Raceway Park. Video by Axman & Axlady

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