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STREET OUTLAWS - Kye Kelley’s New Chapter: Has He Found Love Again After Splitting with Lizzy Musi?

Speculation has been rampant ever since Street Outlaws star Kye Kelley parted ways with his longtime partner and girlfriend, Lizzy Musi. The abrupt conclusion of their six-year relationship has given rise to numerous rumors. However, the focus should now shift to Kye Kelley’s current romantic status.

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Is it indeed the case that he has already found a new love interest? And if so, who is Kye Kelley’s new girlfriend?

Kye Kelley and drag racer Lizzy Musi's relationship began shortly after his divorce was finalized. They have been a couple since 2017 and got engaged in July 2021 when Kye proposed at a racing event. Their wedding was scheduled for Saturday, November 19, 2022. However, their plans were disrupted when Lizzy Musi was unexpectedly diagnosed with breast cancer, which drastically changed the course of her life. Despite their long-standing connection, recent events have sadly resulted in a heart-wrenching separation. Kye Kelley and Lizzy Musi have parted ways.

Lizzy Musi addressed the breakup in a heartfelt Facebook post back in July. She detailed how Kye’s absence during the most challenging period of her life, primarily due to his busy racing commitments, contributed to their separation. Lizzy wrote, “I don’t think I can do this anymore.” She explained that Kye attended only one appointment at MD Anderson and just one chemotherapy session, rarely calling or texting to check on her. Lizzy expressed gratitude for Kye’s initial support but highlighted the loneliness she felt during her cancer treatment.

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Lizzy attempted to mend things, but Kye expressed that he just wanted to remain friends, leaving Lizzy to cope with her feelings and the breakup alone. Lizzy has been courageously battling breast cancer, earning immense admiration from fans who have rallied behind her with unwavering support during her treatment.

Since their separation, Kye Kelley has been actively focusing on his racing career and spending quality time with his family. His social media is filled with updates about his races and precious moments with his children. As of now, he has not officially entered into a new relationship or introduced a new romantic interest to the public.

The No Prep Kings series has been buzzing with activity as they prepare to resume action in Tulsa in the coming weeks. Fans are eager to see how the dynamics will play out without the partnership of Kye and Lizzy. It's uncertain whether they will continue to race together, pursue separate paths, or take a break from the spotlight to concentrate on their personal lives. The absence of their formidable partnership will undoubtedly create a void within the racing community.

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However, recent sightings and social media interactions have sparked curiosity about Kye’s personal life. While there is no confirmed information about a new girlfriend, Kye has been seen enjoying time with friends and family, indicating that he is finding solace and happiness in his support network.

As fans, we continue to support both Kye Kelley and Lizzy Musi as they navigate their new paths. Stay tuned to Street Outlaws Talks for the latest updates on your favorite racers and any developments in their personal and professional lives.

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18 jun

My heart gos to Lizzy as I know how it feels on cancer treatments ( my mom & passed girlfriend ) my opinion Kyle should’ve stick with lizzy no matter what ! Now I no longer cheer for Kyle ! Keep fighting Lizzy ur in my prayers ♥️🙏🏼

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