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Street Outlaws John Odom’s Net Worth in 2022 can afford many GTRs

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

Street Outlaws star John Odom has made a name for himself in the world of street car racing and here we take a look at what is the racer’s net worth in 2022.

Photo by John Odom

For the unversed, John is a professional car racer who stars in Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings 2022 as a contender. He is also an Idaho native. John’s entry in the new season piqued the interest of many Street Outlaws viewers. Several fans were keen on learning more about his life and wealth.

Inside John Odom’s net worth

Photo by Dragzine

Biography Daily states that John is worth approximately $6 million. Not only has John found success as a car racer but also has over 20 years of experience of working in Excavation & Construction. The Street Outlaws star also owns multiple businesses, namely HMH Construction, Odom Racing, and Skyline Homes & Developments.

The 6’ft’4 racer was born and brought up in Twin Falls, Idaho. He is now the owner of the world’s fastest Nissan GTR. Nissan News reveals that the car’s cost begins at $113,540 in 2022.

Photo by Dragzine

A deeper look at John’s businesses

John founded his company HMH Construction in 2015 in Meridian, Idaho. Since he has led multiple residential and commercial projects.

Besides HMH, he has also started the company Skyline Homes & Developments alongside partner Dale Newberry. Through Skyline, John has contributed to the development of Boise, Eagle, Star, Middleton, Meridian, and Kuna.

John is the team owner at Odom Racing, which is another one of his businesses. On Street Outlaws, he’s known for his speedy Gran Turismo Racer (GTR).

King Of The Monsters: John Odom’s Screw-Blown No Prep Nissan GTR

Photo by Dragzine

John Odom’s pilgrimage of horsepower has moved at an accelerated pace, thanks to his need for speed. Odom has unleashed the world’s most radical Nissan GTR on the competitors of Discovery Channels’ No Prep Kings (NPK) series.

Most racers get their first experience of driving when they’re just about to earn their driver’s license. Odom got a jump on his career behind the wheel a few years before he was old enough to drive, thanks to an old station wagon and being the first one home each day. Odom continued to tinker with cars as he got older, but he decided to focus on building a business empire. That focus paid off, and Odom now owns one of the largest development companies in Idaho. The extra money Odom had access to allow him to get back into the car game.

Would you be shocked to learn that even after the bolt-on upgrades the GTR just wasn’t fast enough for Odom? Well, that’s exactly what happened, so Odom threw open the modification floodgates on his GTR and went to town. The Nissan was gutted, received numerous upgrades, including a bigger set of turbos. Odom was able to pilot his GTR deep into the 7-second zone at over 200 MPH after the modifications were complete. He even went on to win at TX2K and other big GTR events.

Photo by Dragzine

Odom’s GTR performed well enough to earn him an opportunity to be a part of a show hosted by JJ Da Boss. The performance that Odom put on on the show caught the attention of NPK producers, and that led to another opportunity. Odom’s trip to becoming a part of the Street Outlaws universe has been an interesting one, to say the least. The gravity of this opportunity hasn’t escaped Odom, and he’s thankful he gets to be a part of the show.

Photo by John Odom

John Odom’s GTR is probably one of the coolest Nissan-based products you’ll ever see. Odom has jumped on the opportunity to be a part of the NPK series with both feet, and could really turn things upside down behind the wheel of his GTR.

Photo by Odom Racing

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