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Street Outlaws Big Chief vs Megalodon vs Shane at Armageddon 5!!

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

He comes from Virginia and his name is Brent Austin, but most of us recognize him as the guy behind the wheel of the Megaladon Camaro, a procharged monster that is still giving headaches to all the twin turbo cars in the No Prep game.

He is a self-made racer and a builder and he always likes to say that he is his own Guinee pig because he won’t use the costumer’s cars to try new things, he always tries them on his own machine.

Today we catch up with him at the Armageddon 5 event at Thunder Valley in Noble Oklahoma where he is about to face the Number one guy from the famous 405 List, Big Chief and The Judge, as well Shane who’s behind the wheel of the Black Bird Vega.

Photo by National No Prep Racing Association

As always he is a man of few words, so when asked about the surface like always he says it’s all good, check it out.

Video by National No Prep Racing Association

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