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Street Outlaws: 10 Hidden Secrets Fans Might Not Know

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Street racing has been a popular subculture for decades, and Discovery Channel's Street Outlaws has been a popular show that explores the world of illegal street racing. The show has a massive following and has been on the air for over a decade, but there are still some dark and hidden secrets that fans might not know about. Here are ten such secrets.

1. Some of the races are staged

While the show claims to be about illegal street racing, some fans and insiders have claimed that some of the races are staged. Allegedly, some of the participants are paid to throw races or intentionally lose, while others are paid to win. The showrunners have denied these claims.

2. Not all of the cars are street-legal

Despite the show's name, not all of the cars featured on Street Outlaws are actually street-legal. Some of them are highly modified and can only be driven on a track or private property. Others are completely illegal and cannot be driven anywhere.

3. Some of the racers have criminal records

Many of the racers on Street Outlaws have criminal records, including charges for drug possession, DUI, and even manslaughter. While the show doesn't glorify criminal behavior, it does feature people who have made questionable choices in the past.

4. Some of the races are dangerous

Illegal street racing is inherently dangerous, but some of the races on Street Outlaws are even more so. Some of the cars can reach speeds of over 200 miles per hour, and accidents can and do happen. In fact, one racer was killed during filming in 2016.

5. The show has faced legal troubles

In 2018, the Oklahoma Corporation Commission filed a lawsuit against the production company behind Street Outlaws, alleging that they were illegally selling and distributing racing fuel. The case was settled out of court, but it's just one example of the legal troubles the show has faced.

6. The cars are expensive

Building and maintaining a street racing car is not cheap, and some of the cars featured on Street Outlaws are incredibly expensive. Some of them can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to build and maintain.

7. The racers don't always get along

While the racers on Street Outlaws are all part of the same subculture, they don't always get along. In fact, there have been several instances of fights and arguments between racers both on and off camera.

8. The show has been accused of promoting illegal behavior

Some critics have accused Street Outlaws of promoting illegal street racing and encouraging dangerous behavior. The show's producers have denied these claims and have stated that they don't condone illegal activity.

9. The show's popularity has spawned spin-offs Street Outlaws has been so successful that it has spawned several spin-offs, including Street Outlaws: New Orleans, Street Outlaws: Memphis, and Street Outlaws: Fastest in America.

Photo by Discovery

10. The show's future is uncertain

Despite its popularity, the future of Street Outlaws is uncertain. The show has faced backlash from some viewers and critics, and there are rumors that it may be canceled in the near future. However, the show's producers have not made any official announcements about its future.

Photo by Discovery

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