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Some Thrilling Passes at Virginia Invitationals. Damon Merchant and Jim Howe Impressive Runs!

Round 3 of the electrifying Street Outlaws' No Prep Kings event at Virginia Motorsports Park kept fans on the edge of their seats with its high-octane action. This thrilling update delivered awe-inspiring runs, surprising twists, and standout performances that ignited a wave of excitement among everyone in attendance!

Damon Merchant took center stage with his impressive big block Chevy, securing a remarkable win against Kyle Canyon. Despite facing fierce competitors, Damon's skill and the sheer power of his engine propelled him to victory, solidifying his status as a formidable force in the race.

Photo by Rogue 405

Regrettably, Kyle faced a setback during his run, hindering him from fully demonstrating his capabilities. Nonetheless, his unwavering determination and undeniable talent establish him as a contender to keep an eye on in upcoming races.

Round 3 witnessed a standout moment courtesy of Jim Howe, whose performance left spectators in awe. Engaging in a captivating showdown against Axman, Jim's lightning-fast acceleration and precise driving skills propelled him to a commanding lead. Regardless of any technical difficulties Axman may have faced, Jim's undeniable skill and dominance on the track were evident.

Photo by Howe Motorsports

Demonstrating her remarkable skills, Lizzie Musi, a formidable competitor, showcased her prowess by triumphing over her teammate, David Gates. Lizzie's incredible speed and unwavering focus left no room for doubt regarding her abilities on the raceway. As an integral member of the leading team, her contribution further strengthens their burgeoning success and solidifies her position as a top contender in the tournament.

This race notably celebrates the triumph of diversity in engine combinations. Amidst the dominance of Hemi-powered cars, Jeff Lutz, Damon, and Reaper stand out with their successful utilization of big block Chevy engines. Their accomplishments serve as a testament to the power and potential of alternative engine choices, injecting an exhilarating twist into the competition.

Photo by Rogue 405

The anticipation mounts as the semifinals approach, closely followed by the highly awaited finals, intensifying the atmosphere of the No Prep Kings event. The escalating intensity only heightens the excitement for spectators as Round 3 reaches its climax, with the fastest and most skilled racers contending for the prestigious championship title.

As the event unfolds, it becomes evident that Street Outlaws' No Prep Kings in Virginia has truly captivated the hearts of racing enthusiasts. Each exhilarating moment, from Damon's impressive performances to Jim Howe's undeniable dominance, serves as a vivid testament to the skill, passion, and sheer adrenaline that make street racing an unforgettable and enthralling experience.

Invitationals Round 2. Video by Upshift

Invitationals Round 3. Video by Upshift

Invitationals Semifinals. Video by Upshift

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