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Jeff Lutz's Thrilling Journey with The 405 - What Happened?

Updated: Nov 4, 2023

Jeff Lutz is a well-known figure in the world of street racing, thanks to his appearances on the hit reality TV show Street Outlaws. Lutz has built a reputation as a skilled driver and an expert builder of high-performance cars, and his success on the show has made him a fan favorite. Despite Jeff's unquestionable exceptional driving skills earning him esteem and acknowledgement both on the streets and TV, it can be challenging to keep up with his and other fellow racers' current projects from the show.

In case you've fallen out of touch with Jeff Lutz's recent endeavors, then fear no more. There are some things about his recent pivotal moments, career highlights, as well as some unfortunate news related to him. Stick with us and enjoy the ride!

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How did he get started on Drag Race?

Despite his notable expertise on the speedway, Jeff Lutz’ life story is very different from his fellow “Street Outlaws” drivers.

Born and raised in Pennsylvania, Jeff Lutz may be an accomplished driver, but his background story differs from that of his peers on "Street Outlaws." He didn't grow up in a car-centric environment, nor did he harbor a deep passion for driving from an early age. His first car, a 1974 Nova, was gifted to him by his father when he was just 14 years old. However, Jeff never got the chance to drive it. Despite his father's love for cars, he never pursued upgrading or modifying them. Jeff didn't let his father's disinterest in mechanics or his belief that one couldn't earn money from racing affect him. At 18, Jeff was already married to Christine and focused on building a home and providing for his family.

It wasn't until years later, when Jeff had a stable job and young children, that he seriously considered racing. His brother Rick asked him to take a look at a 1970s Camaro that he was having difficulty driving. As soon as Jeff got behind the wheel, he felt a connection with the car. That feeling grew stronger when he took the Camaro to the speedway. It was then that Jeff decided to try race driving, an activity he had been curious about for a long time, having watched it on TV but never daring to try it himself.

In the late 1980s, Jeff purchased a Chevrolet Camaro that he started modifying a couple of years later. Despite not having a vast experience in mechanics, his newfound love for cars and determination to learn led him to become an expert mechanic, eventually establishing his own shop several years later.

Jeff's determination to become a respected race car driver paid off in 2014 when he won his first Drag Race with a 1957 Bel Air. He repeated this feat two years later with a 1969 Camaro.

His debut on TV

Photo by Street Outlaws Live

Participating in notable race events not only actualized Jeff's aspiration but also facilitated him to establish connections with seasoned drivers such as Shawn Ellington and Justin Shearer. He crossed paths with them during his first week in Drag Race, and even though Jeff was still an amateur at the time, he upheld his friendship with the Oklahoma fellows, and later on assisted them with the show. After some time, Ellington and Shearer presented him with the opportunity to be part of the show, and Jeff agreed without hesitation. Consequently, he made his debut on TV during the tenth season of "Street Outlaws" and its spin-off "No Prep Kings," receiving a positive reception from both the audience and his fellow racers. It is evident that earning a spot in the show, racing regularly, and working on cars for a living fills Jeff with great contentment. According to him, the experience is "a dream come true."

Photo by Street Outlaws Live

Jeff continued to appear in the show in the subsequent seasons, and his rank on The List gradually climbed up, eventually reaching the Top Five. The show has also paved the way for new prospects for Jeff, enabling him to display his mechanical skills through his modified vehicles at exhibits held all over the United States.

Business and Salary

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Starting his independent life early definitely gave Jeff an edge in many aspects. For instance, he had enough financial stability to pursue his interest in cars when he eventually developed it. Furthermore, it allowed him to gain expertise in different fields. The number of fields Jeff was involved in is not known, but he learned how to weld by working in a body shop in Connecticut. Additionally, he started a small company that dealt with bricks and blocks, which he had for several years until it went bankrupt due to market lows.

Following the failure of his brick and block enterprise, Jeff established his own car business, and simultaneously took on some mechanical side jobs. Today, Jeff's enterprise, Lutz Race Cars, specializes in creating and enhancing race cars. The store reportedly has a two-year waiting list of customers, indicating its great success.

Photo by Lutz Race Cars

According to certain sources, Jeff Lutz has a net worth of more than $3 million, derived from his diverse business ventures, collaborations with car-related brands, and his victories in car races and competitions. This is undoubtedly a remarkable achievement. When combined with his contribution to television shows over the past ten years, the estimate may actually be significantly lower than the actual amount.

His Wife and Kids

Jeff Lutz and Christine Lutz tied the knot on July 31, 1989, and have been together for more than 33 years. Christine Lutz co-owns Lutz Race Cars and manages the company's information on its website. As per her Facebook profile, she supervised the office, while her husband and son tended to the business in the garage. Besides running the family enterprise, Lutz takes care of her family members and is a devoted wife, mother, and now a grandmother.

Although Christine is not active on Instagram, she can be found on Facebook, where she cherishes creating memories with her loved ones. Moreover, Lutz is a supportive wife and an inspiring mother, who takes care of both her family and business efficiently. She is the backbone of the family and the pillar of strength.

Photo by Lutz Race Cars

Jeff and Christine Lutz have two children, Jeffrey Jr and Charise Lutz. Charise Lutz, their daughter, is a human resources specialist known for her skills in planning, managing, and developing HR activities. Additionally, Lutz is proficient at building relationships with eLearning and marketing vendors. She is multi-talented and has worked as a Human Resources Generalist for the Center of Organ Recovery and Education. Currently, she works at GetGo Cafe.

Charise Lutz

Jeffrey Jr, Jeff and Christine's son, is a street car racer with a passion for motorsport. He has been building cars since a young age and supports his father's business at Lutz Race Cars. Jeffrey graduated from Seneca Valley Senior High School. Before joining the family business, he had experience working at Wagner Pickup and Van Partys.

Jeffrey Jr

Likewise, Lutz Jr is married to Aguess Jane Lutz and has a son named Jeffery Alan Litz III. Jeffery, along with his work, has balanced his time equally for family.

Photo by Lutz Race Cars

As per Jeff's statement, he isn't concerned as his son is a superior welder compared to him. He is confident that Lutz Race Cars will remain a legacy for eternity.

One of the coolest, and mellow guys

Photo by Lutz Race Cars

Jeff is not only recognized for his iconic car, but also for his amicable personality around the pits. He is always willing to help those in need and is known for his kindness, although sometimes he is too nice and tries to see the best in everyone.

During his infrequent free time, Jeff likes to unwind at his lake property or indulge in his passion for playing the drums. He learned how to play the drums from his father at a young age and still occasionally plays his favorite song, Triumph's "Lay it on the Line". This humanizes these drivers in the eyes of their fans, and if Jeff could leave behind a legacy, it would be owning the world's fastest 57 Chevy and pro-mod. Jeffery plans to continue running these cars after he passes away.

Photo by Lutz Race Cars

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