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Shawn Ellington Adds a 1973 FullTop K5 Blazer to His Collection, Fulfilling a Long-Time Dream!

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

For car enthusiasts and fans of street racing, Shawn Ellington, better known as "Murder Nova," is a name that needs no introduction. Known for his iconic black Chevrolet Nova, which has become a symbol of his dominance on the drag strip, Shawn is always on the lookout for new automotive adventures. Recently, he made waves once again by adding another remarkable vehicle to his collection - a 1973 FullTop K5 Blazer. With this new acquisition, Shawn has checked off another item from his bucket list and expanded his automotive empire.

Photo by 187 Customs

However, as they removed the top, the team was met with an unexpected obstacle in the form of extensive rust on the bed rails. Despite this setback, Shawn's determination remained unwavering. He took the initiative to acquire a back seat, which was then expertly reupholstered, and made various other improvements, including adding carpeting and a new dashboard.

During the period of their absence from the scene, Shawn managed to procure a six-liter engine and a 6l80 transmission, which were skillfully installed by the renowned McKees. While their expertise primarily lay in high-performance builds, they eagerly took on the project with enthusiasm and precision. However, an unforeseen challenge arose when the transmission experienced issues with shifting correctly, leaving Shawn and his trusted mechanic, Chris, perplexed.

Photo by 187 Customs

Undaunted by the setback, they embarked on a diligent process of troubleshooting, eventually pinpointing the root cause: the Transmission Control Module was issuing the shift command but failing to execute it. As they delved deeper into the issue, it became apparent that the K5 Blazer required comprehensive attention after suffering from neglect for over two decades.

Shawn's unwavering love for this vehicle propelled his determination to revive it to its former glory. He wholeheartedly acknowledged the need for adjustments and repairs, including a thorough assessment of the brake system, which displayed intermittent problems. Recognizing the significance of safety and ensuring top-notch quality, Shawn committed himself to invest the necessary time and effort to address these concerns.

Photo by 187 Customs

As Shawn Ellington sets off on new adventures with his 1973 FullTop K5 Blazer, he reminds us all to keep pursuing our passions and embracing the thrill of the open road. His unwavering commitment to the automotive world serves as an inspiration for car enthusiasts and aspiring racers worldwide.

Photo by Street Outlaws Live

Shawn finds himself filled with a deep sense of satisfaction and accomplishment as he contemplates his victory. The K5 Blazer has seamlessly integrated into his prized collection, becoming a cherished symbol of his unwavering commitment and resilience. While there may be upcoming maintenance and modifications in store, Shawn approaches them fearlessly, eagerly anticipating the chance to elevate and perfect his beloved FullTop K5 Blazer even further.

Video by 187 Customs

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