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Scott Taylor Going Back to ProCharger: The End of Turbos on No Prep Kings?

Hello, everyone! Welcome back to Street Outlaws Talks. Today, we have some exciting news to discuss regarding Scott Taylor’s return to ProCharger for the remainder of No Prep Kings (NPK) Season 7.

Photo by Scott Taylor Motorsports 

It’s quite the coincidence. Just yesterday, we reported on Daddy Dave’s switch back to ProCharger. Not long after, Scott Taylor went live on Facebook, showing us his teardown of the Tracto Camaro to revert it back to a ProCharger setup. Unlike Daddy Dave, who will miss this weekend’s race, Scott is moving at lightning speed to ensure he doesn’t miss out.

Scott Taylor’s transition back to ProCharger is swift, thanks to having all the necessary parts from when his car previously ran with this setup. The headers and other components were ready to go, making this switch relatively seamless. Interestingly, he didn’t make significant changes to the chassis when he first switched to twin turbos, similar to Daddy Dave’s situation.

A bit of history: Scott experimented with turbos back in 2016 at America’s Outlaws Live, one of the initial big no prep events. After trying turbos on John Doe, he reverted to nitrous and later adopted ProCharger when NPK started. Despite running impressively fast on a prepped track with turbos, clocking in at 213 mph, the NPK track conditions haven’t been favorable for turbos. They generate immense power, which is difficult to harness effectively on a no prep track, especially during the crucial first 330 feet.

Photo by Scott Taylor Motorsports 

In NPK, the challenge with turbos lies in their inconsistency. The initial power delivery is critical, and turbos often struggle to apply their full potential on the unprepared surfaces. ProChargers, on the other hand, offer a more manageable and consistent power application, which suits the NPK track conditions better.

We still see some racers sticking with turbos, like Reaper, Jeff Lutz, Birdman, and Chris Rankin. However, the recent shift back to ProCharger by two prominent racers, despite the rules seemingly favoring turbos on paper, underscores the real-world challenges of running turbos in NPK events.

Scott Taylor’s move back to ProCharger is not just about preference; it’s about performance. He’s been a fixture in NPK since season 1, making it to numerous finals but yet to clinch an Invitational event win. This switch could be the game-changer he needs.

Photo by Scott Taylor Motorsports 

As we watch Scott Taylor and other racers adapt and evolve their setups, it’s clear that the quest for the perfect combination is ongoing. Will turbos make a comeback, or is this the beginning of the end for them in NPK? Only time will tell.

Stay tuned for more updates and insights on Street Outlaws Talks. Don’t forget to subscribe, comment, and keep the discussion going!

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