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Ryan Martin Win Over Daddy Dave In The Great 8 Final

Over the years, we have heard that the success of Ryan Martin is based on his hard work more than anything. This has been repeated numerous times when it comes to testing, and for many, it was the work that he has done in testing that has put him on the top of his game and at the top of the No Prep Kings Championship, last season.

As you know, Ryan was truly busy building the small tire car for the 405 races, while at the same time building the small tire car for the Street Outlaws Endgame, so he and his buddy Javy might not have enough time to improve the Gray Fireball Camaro, for the upcoming races.

However, beating Jeff Lutz and Lizzy Musi, Ryan tells us that he and that gray car are still pretty fast and advance to final to face Daddy Dave. He sealed the top rank with a win over his fellow 405 competitor at Tulsa Raceway Park.

Photos by Fireball Camaro Facebook

After winning the Great 8, Ryan once again put everybody on notice that the gray Camaro and Javy are the team to beat and they are once again the fastest car on the property. Overall, Ryan Martin has managed to grab three wins and 80 points so far this year in the Great 8 series and is right behind him in second place by none other than the guy staging in the lane next to him in the final - Daddy Dave, who has 40 points and two event wins.

Dave, got to the finals after winning his races against Jerry Bird and Justin Swanstrom in the semi-finals. The fact that he is in the final racing against Ryan tells us all now it is time for him to shine and stop Ryan in his tracks and tell everybody that he is here to get to the top.

However, all these things are easier said than done because that gray Camaro is not going to roll over for anybody, so check out the video and see.

Video by Upshift360

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