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Ryan Martin Takes On Lizzy Musi In The Qualifying Final of Street Outlaws No Prep Kings

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

As one of the more popular racers on Street Outlaws, fans just can’t seem to get enough of Three Peat Champion Ryan Martin. With the infamous Fireball Camaro, Ryan has certainly made a dent in the racing scene as he’s attacked streets everywhere. This time, though, it’s something a little bit different that has the Fireball in motion. In fact, it looks like this time, he’s under the lights instead of under the radar in the streets. This form of racing certainly throws a twist in things as compared to the street scene.

In turn, Lizzy Musi is also a bonafide badass behind the wheel. When her name is in the mix, there’s a good chance that it’s going to be somewhere near the top. Both drivers have cemented themselves of cornerstones of the drag racing community.

Photo by Discovery Australia

Both of the Camaros looked absolutely menacing as they pulled up to the line. Both Lizzy and Martin were ready to give this race all that they had in order to go home with victory and we have to tell you that it was an incredibly amazing one. There were several heavy hitters who had to love the opportunity to line up next to Ryan in this format. On second thought, maybe they loathed it. After all, it’s not like the Fireball is exactly an easy win.

Photo by Discovery Australia

One thing that we know, for sure, is that Lizzy certainly isn’t going to take it easy on him!

By following along with the Discovery Australia footage below, we get the opportunity to catch up with some of the No Prep Kings Action. Both of these drivers don’t play games when it comes to racing. When we see them on the billing next to one another, we know it’s going to be a real slobber knocker! This race is certainly all that and a bag of chips.

Video by Discovery Australia

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