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Ryan Martin Stays True to ProCharger for No Prep Kings Season 7: A Closer Look at the Season Ahead

Hello, Street Outlaws enthusiasts! Today, we delve into the exciting world of No Prep Kings Season 7 and the latest updates surrounding Ryan Martin's choice to stick with ProCharger. As the off-season rumors swirl around potential Power Adder changes, Ryan's solidified partnership with ProCharger remains intact. In this article, we explore the details behind his decision and what we can expect from the seasoned racer in the upcoming season.

Photo by Fireball Camaro

ProCharger Partnership: Ryan Martin's racing journey has been synonymous with ProCharger, and it seems this winning combination is here to stay. Despite speculations about potential shifts to turbos or screw blowers, Ryan recently confirmed on his Facebook page that he will continue running ProCharger for the upcoming season. The partnership has proven fruitful, with Ryan receiving a shipment of ProCharger blowers, including the f311, f336 for street use, F4 x140 S1 for the track, and the F4x Screw Killer, likely the F4x 136.

Weight Adjustments: Speculation arises about potential weight adjustments for the F4x 136 ProCharger. There's a possibility that it might see additional weight or a standardized weight requirement for all ProChargers. This move aims to maintain fair competition, ensuring a level playing field for all racers opting for the ProCharger setup.

Photo by Fireball Camaro

Season 6 Recap: Despite not clinching the individual championship in the previous season, Ryan Martin showcased an impressive performance, securing the team championship and finishing in the fourth position in the main point standings. Victories at Maple Grove and Alabama, coupled with three Great Eights wins, highlighted his consistent and formidable presence on the track.

Consistency with ProCharger: Ryan's decision to stick with ProCharger for the fourth consecutive year demonstrates his confidence in the ProCharger Hemi combination. While many racers opt for building new cars every season or every two years, Ryan has chosen to stay true to his trusty gray car for nearly four years. This steadfast commitment sets him apart and adds an intriguing element to the upcoming season, as fans eagerly anticipate what he will achieve with this well-established combination.

Photo by Fireball Camaro

As the anticipation builds for No Prep Kings Season 7, all eyes will be on Ryan Martin and his unwavering commitment to the ProCharger setup. With a track record of consistent victories and a resilient spirit, Ryan is poised to make waves once again. Stay tuned to for more updates, race analyses, and behind-the-scenes insights into the thrilling world of Street Outlaws. Subscribe, comment, and be part of the excitement as we follow the journey of Ryan Martin and his ProCharger-powered machine in the upcoming season!

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