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Ryan Martin's Back-to-back Win at Firebird Raceway

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

If we take a look at the stats for event wins, Daddy Dave is the one that is following Ryan Martin for the Great 8 championship, however, if we take a look at the total No Prep Kings Championship points, we find that Ryan is being followed by non-other than Kye Kelley.

So once again they prove why they are at the top of the points game, and make it to the finals of the first event in Idaho, to battle for the win at the Great 8 events.

Photo by No Prep FAM

When it comes to the action, there are always those competitor pairs that we know are going to give us a good run for the money. In this particular race of Great 8 event, we get just that as top-notch racers, Ryan Martin and Kye Kelley, are ready to give this race all that they had in order to go home with victory.

Photo by Fireball Camaro Facebook

We all know that Kye Kelley is running his motor with a Nitrous power adder. He and his new father-in-law, would like to show everybody that the Pat Musi built Nitrous engine is still able to beat the prochargers and show them that they should not count out the nitrous equipped cars. As Martin and Kelley final round is becoming familiar, this time Martin grab the win once again and put a bigger gap between them.

Photo by Fireball Camaro Facebook

Ryan Martin, as a high-level drag racer, continued his back-to-back NPK victory as he won the Great 8 over Kye Kelley on Friday night and defeated Scott Taylor on Saturday night. Well done Ryan and the crew again!

The Great 8 Results from Firebird Raceway:

Semi-finals: Ryan Martin vs Jerry Bird

Finals: Ryan Martin vs Kye Kelley

Invitational Round Results:

Round 1: Ryan Martin vs Jerry Bird

Round 2: Ryan Martin vs Mike Bowman

Round 3: Ryan Martin vs Murder Nova

Semi Finals: Ryan Martin vs Brandon James

Finals: Ryan Martin vs Scott Taylor

Overall, after getting 80 points for back-to-back win at Firebird Raceway, Ryan Martin is still on top of the list with 460 points and has a massive lead over Kye Kelley at 340 points.

Lizzy Musi is now tied with Justin Swanstrom at third place with 240 points. She definitely did great job at Firebird Raceway.

Street Outlaws No Prep Kings will now be off until September 9th and 10th, when the series regroups at Tucson Dragway.

Let’s check out the below video and see how Ryan Martin turned on the winner light at the end of the track.

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