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Robin Roberts Win The Bandimere Great 8 Due to Ryan Martin’s Mistake

Street Outlaws NPK racers John Odom and Robin Roberts battle it out in the Great 8 finals at Bandimere Speedway for $15,000.

At one time, both John Odom and Robin Roberts want nothing to do with Street Outlaws No Prep Kings but the win at Bandimere Speedway in Morrison, Colorado.

Robin Roberts defeated Kye Kelley, while John Odom won over Ryan Martin in the semi-finals to advance to the final with Robin Roberts. Fans are arguing about one of the rarest things at Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings event, when Ryan Martin jump red, meaning that Fireball Camaro move before the green came on!

Photo by Robin Roberts Racing Facebook

With the win, Roberts received the $15,000 purse. He got 20 points and now tied fifth place with team NOLA driver Scott Taylor, passing up Jerry Bird at sixth place. Roberts will try to double up this weekend as he will attempt to win the Invitational on Saturday.

Photo by Robin Roberts Racing Facebook

Video by No Prep FAM

And check the video when Ryan Martin lost chance to the finals because his car moved before light turned green. Is this his mistake when got beat by the light? Leave your opinion in the comment section below.

Video by Upshift

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