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Reaper's Racing Trailer Caught Fire Again and Fire System Saves His Entire Operation!

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

A mere three years ago, James Goad, popularly known as "Reaper" from the Street Outlaws TV series, faced a heartbreaking incident when his racing operation fell victim to a catastrophic trailer fire. The fire engulfed his entire setup, causing significant damage. However, Goad demonstrated resilience and managed to rebuild his operation, allowing him to return to racing.

Unfortunately, on May of 2023, another one of his racing trailers caught fire. This time, however, the outcome was notably different, thanks to the presence of a reliable fire suppression system. The system played a crucial role in preventing extensive damage and mitigating the potential loss.

It's worth mentioning that during the time of the first trailer fire, Goad was in the process of collaborating with Anvil Trailers to construct a new stacker trailer, adding to his racing equipment.

“Mike Sumner at Anvil was building the trailer and was talking to Stacy Goad,” he explained. “Mike said he would like to get the name out for race trailers and that he’d like to build one for me if I could help out with promoting the trailer business".

The first stacker trailer that Sumner built for Goad was unfortunately consumed in the initial fire incident, resulting in the loss of both Goad's cars. Goad initially decided to give up and sell the trailer. However, Tim, presumably associated with Anvil Trailers, insisted on completing the trailer despite the setback. This led to a discussion between Goad and Tim about the lack of fire suppression systems available for trailers. Sumner then collaborated with a fire suppression expert from Typhoon Fire Suppression to explore potential solutions.

As a result of their collaboration, a fire suppression system was installed in the new trailer constructed by Anvil. Goad also had a second trailer equipped with a similar fire suppression system, ensuring enhanced safety measures for his racing operation.

“You think the worst thing that will happen to a race car is you’ll crash it, and you can usually salvage a lot of the parts,” Goad said. “But that fire was a $500,000 loss for me, and I could have prevented all of that with a $10,000-$15,000 fire suppression system. “The stacker was the first trailer and I said I have to have it in the other trailer,” Goad explained. “I use one of my fire suppression-equipped trailers for everything I do now, whether it’s race cars or my classics.”

On May 16th, the fire incident affected Goad's single car enclosed trailer, which happened to house his latest "No Prep Kings" vehicle.

Remarkably, the fire was triggered by an unexpected chain of events. Goad revealed that a lug wrench inadvertently caused a short circuit in the winch, resulting in the winch becoming activated and abruptly snapping the back straps attached to the car. In the process, a cooler collided with the lug wrench, perpetuating the short circuit and exacerbating the situation.

Fortunately, the trailer had been equipped with a 30-lb fire suppression system, which proved to be a crucial lifesaver.

Goad expressed the strong emotional connection he had with his car, emphasizing that his attachment to it surpassed even that of his well-known persona, "Reaper." The car held significant sentimental value as it had been built by Goad and his brothers, representing their collective effort. The fire could have potentially destroyed everything they had built. However, thanks to the fire suppression system, the fire was swiftly contained, preventing any major damage to the front of the car.

Additionally, it is worth highlighting that the location where the trailer was parked posed an additional risk. If the fire had spread and the trailer had been completely engulfed, it could have resulted in further property damage beyond the car itself. The presence of the fire suppression system mitigated this potential hazard.

“My trailer is usually parked next to my house, right by my bedroom and near my garage/shop,” Goad explained. “It would have been a $500,000 loss, not to mention the house and possibly my family.”

Furthermore, Goad shared his recommended method for cleaning up after the fire incident, suggesting the use of leaf blowers and compressed air to remove debris, followed by the application of water and Dawn dish soap.

Although the clean-up process requires considerable effort, it pales in comparison to the daunting task of rebuilding an entirely new car. Goad expressed his astonishment that anyone would risk transporting their car in a trailer without a fire suppression system. In his case, he only needs to recharge the system and replace a cabinet door. The value of the fire suppression system far exceeds its cost, as it successfully safeguarded his car from further damage. The incident served as a demonstration of its effectiveness, providing Goad with the assurance to continue participating in the upcoming "No Prep Kings" events this season. Without the system's intervention, he may have considered retiring from racing altogether.

While insurance coverage may potentially cover the costs of replacing damaged property, there are several crucial factors to take into account. Apart from the financial aspects, it's essential to consider the practical implications. The process of building a new chassis, replacing car parts, and restoring the trailer can be time-consuming. By having a reliable fire suppression system in place, racers can significantly reduce downtime and get back on track more swiftly, just as Reaper experienced firsthand.

Moreover, it's important to recognize that insurance compensation cannot adequately replace the sentimental value that may be attached to one's vehicles and personal belongings stored inside. These items often hold immense personal significance and cannot be replaced solely through monetary compensation. Hence, protecting them with preventative measures such as a fire suppression system becomes even more critical.

Video by Street Outlaws Reaper SS

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