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Paige Coughlin's Golden Child and Anticipation for No Prep Kings Season 7

Street Outlaws fans, get ready for another thrilling season of No Prep Kings as Paige Coughlin, the talented racer, gears up for Season 7. In this article, we'll dive into Paige's impressive debut in Season 6, her racing background, and the exciting updates on her car, the Golden Child, as it undergoes preparations for the upcoming season.

Photo by Paige Coughlin

Paige Coughlin's Debut in No Prep Kings Season 6:

Paige made her mark in No Prep Kings Season 6, running on behalf of Team Dad Dave. Despite it being her first year, she showcased remarkable skill, making it to the Invitational after a few intense races. In a field of tough competitors, Paige's strong racing background, deeply rooted in her family, shone through. She even reached the semifinals, a significant accomplishment for a newcomer.

The Golden Child and Potential Upgrades:

The Golden Child, Paige's race car, is a third-generation Camaro, bringing a unique flair to the No Prep Kings scene dominated by first-gen and fifth/sixth-gen Camaros. With the car being approximately three years old, there were considerations for building a new one. However, the Golden Child has proven itself and is set to compete in Season 7 after undergoing some refurbishments.

Currently at the body shop, the Golden Child is receiving a fresh paint job. While details about potential upgrades remain undisclosed, the car was showing signs of wear after the intense Season 6, common for vehicles in this high-powered, high-performance racing environment. Fans can anticipate the Golden Child looking brand new as it hits the track for Season 7.

Photo by Paige Coughlin

No Prep Kings Season 7 Expectations:

As Paige and the Golden Child prepare for the upcoming season, expectations are high. With the possibility of the race format returning to individual competition, fans can look forward to the thrilling one-on-one battles that made No Prep Kings a fan favorite. The comments and feedback from Season 6 suggest a preference for the individual format, making Season 7 even more eagerly anticipated.

The competition is expected to be tougher than ever, with new cars hitting the scene and everyone pushing the limits to gain an edge. No Prep Kings continues to be a platform where racers showcase their skills and cars with 4,000+ horsepower, running consistent 370s and 380s.

Photo by Paige Coughlin

Street Outlaws fans and No Prep Kings enthusiasts have much to look forward to as Paige Coughlin and the Golden Child gear up for Season 7. With a strong racing background, a revitalized Golden Child, and the anticipation of a return to individual competition, this season promises to be a nail-biter. Stay tuned to for more updates and coverage on the Street Outlaws and No Prep Kings universe.

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