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One More Street Outlaws Star Retires?

One of the talented racer of No Prep Racing world, Cody Baker has decided to retire from the sport, putting his plans to compete in season six on hold. According to Baker, he made the decision due to family and other responsibilities that required his attention.

The news has disappointed many fans who admired Baker's racing skills and good sportsmanship. His fast car Shake N Bake and friendly demeanor on and off the track had made him a fan favorite. The upcoming season was highly anticipated by many, as it promised to be an exciting competition with the introduction of new and talented racers.

Photo by Cody Baker

Baker has already seen success in drag racing for years, winning the Outlaw Big Tire class at No Prep Kings twice, as well as the Dirty South No Prep event in Odessa, Texas. He used to be a member of Team Texas.

Photo by Shake N Bake

Photo by Street Outlaws Stat Guy

"This post is a tough one. I have dedicated mine and my families life the past 12-13 years to racing. The last 5 of it to the Street Outlaws franchise of shows. I have lived most peoples dreams to be able to race on this level. I have seen things that a lot of people won’t get to see in a lifetime traveling the country with family and friends racing. With that being said I have decided that I am going to retire from drag racing for now. I have 2 daughters who are starting sports and it’s their time to have my attention and support. My business is continuing to grow and I also have employees that rely on the companies success. My wife Kayli Baker has taken up the slack at home for many years while I’ve been gone and it’s time for her to have my help.My mom and Dad have been there from day 1 and are ready to relax a little. I’ve put racing first for a long time and now it’s time to do something else. I can’t thank all my sponsors for sticking with me so long enough. To all my friends who have gone an helped us a long the way, thank you. Many of you spent money, missed work and so much more for our team. There will always be 1 thing no one can take away from us and that’s we were the first blower car of any kind to win an invitational. Thank you to all the fans who have supported us as well along the way! Street Outlaws and No Prep Kings is an awesome sport and I am excited to see how it continues to grow!"

Photo by Cody Bakers Shake N Bake

Despite his retirement, Baker's achievements in no prep racing will not be forgotten. He was the first racer to win an NPK event with a Roots blower, and he held the number one spot in a race or two during season four. Baker's accomplishments inspired many aspiring racers, and he will leave a void that will be hard to fill.

Baker's decision to prioritize family and other responsibilities over racing is a reminder of the importance of balancing personal goals with other important aspects of life. It was a difficult decision for him, given his passion for racing, but it deserves respect.

Photo by Cody Baker

While his absence will be felt in the upcoming season, it serves as a reminder that no prep racing is always changing and evolving, and there are always new and exciting racers waiting to make their mark on the sport. We wish Baker all the best in his future pursuits, and we look forward to seeing what the future holds for the world of no prep racing.

Video by NPK Stuce

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