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NPK Is Back. Tulsa Is Hotter Than Hell

Finally NPK is back this weekend on Friday and Saturday night after much-needed seven-week hiatus. Tulsa Raceway Park is hotter than ever where all top drivers will definitely have fun driving their well-built cars on the streets, doing burnouts, and racing other hitters at the location that they are headed.

Before checking out what they are testing and preparing for this event, let's have a look at current Power Adder points position and count of each.

Photo by No Prep FAM Facebook

Apparently, Nitrous and ProCharger is leading the rank. But things are going to happen. Check out below videos that Kye Kelley, Ryan Martin, Murder Nova, Justin Swanstrom, Jerry Bird, Doc,... are testing and loading up for Tulsa.

Video by Kye Kelley Racing Facebook

Video by Ryan Martin Facebook

Now swapping power adders isn’t something you just do overnight, it takes weeks if not months to properly change over the engine set up, the tune-up, the chassis, and all the fab work. However, Ryan and the team are always willing to put in the long hours to do whatever it takes to win, and they were confident the changes would lead to exactly that.

Video by Murder Nova Facebook

Video by Justin Swanstrom Facebook

Speaking of “new car bugs” it seems Justin and the gang are ready to do it all over again, as they have teased the internet with the news. As they are about to unveil well-built car for the coming event at Tulsa, and word is its packing a screw blower on board!

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