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NPK Back in Tulsa! Amazing Semifinals and Insane Final Clash of Damon Merchant vs Kye Kelley!

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

The NPK Tulsa event reached its zenith with an electrifying display of speed, skill, and adrenaline-pumping action as the Semifinals and Final Showdown unfolded at the renowned Tulsa Raceway Park. Round 2 of this high-octane competition saw Nate Saylor facing off against Damon Merchant, while Kye Kelley went head-to-head with Giuseppe Gentile. The intensity in the air was palpable as these top-tier racers vied for supremacy, but who ultimately emerged triumphant, claiming the coveted Great 8 title?

Street Outlaws No Prep Kings Semifinals and Finals at Tulsa Raceway Park

Photo by streetoutlaws_npkspoilers

The Semifinal battle between Nate Saylor and Damon Merchant was nothing short of a nail-biting spectacle. The roar of engines, the screech of tires, and the focused determination of the racers all contributed to an edge-of-the-seat experience for the spectators. Saylor, known for his lightning-quick starts, displayed exceptional control as he unleashed his horsepower down the track. However, Merchant, equally adept at harnessing raw power, showcased impeccable skill and precision to secure his spot in the Final.

Damon Merchant and his Rogue

Rogue looks as good as it runs! Photo by 405 Photo

Simultaneously, Kye Kelley and Giuseppe Gentile were locked in a battle of speed and strategy. Kelley, a seasoned contender, showcased his trademark grit as he unleashed his machine's potential, leaving a trail of burnt rubber in his wake. Gentile, no stranger to intense competition, responded with equal fervor, pushing his limits to the max. In the end, it was Kelley's exceptional control and experience that earned him a spot in the Final, setting the stage for an epic showdown.

Street Outlaws No Prep Kings Semifinals and Finals at Tulsa Raceway Park

Photo by streetoutlaws_npkspoilers

One of the narratives that has truly gripped the scene is the intriguing journey of Lizzy Musi. Whispers about a potential exchange orchestrated by Kye, aiming to swap Lizzy for a player of comparable prowess, linger in the atmosphere. Yet, despite his earnest endeavors, fellow team leaders remained resolute, refusing to part ways with their prized MVPs. Consequently, Lizzy remains a stalwart member of Kye's team, infusing her performances with a touch of suspense and unpredictability.

The anticipation was palpable as the stage was set for the final clash between Damon Merchant and Kye Kelley. The air was thick with excitement as engines revved and tension mounted. The crowd held its collective breath as the signal was given, and the competitors shot off the line in a blur of speed. Side by side, Kelley and Merchant battled fiercely, each inch of the track contested with unwavering determination.

In a heart-pounding display of skill and nerve, Damon Merchant managed to gain a slight edge, inching ahead and holding onto the lead with steely resolve. Kye Kelley, a force to be reckoned with, gave his all, but it was Merchant's flawless execution that ultimately secured his victory as he crossed the finish line, taking the crown of the Great 8 champion in NPK Tulsa.

Damon Merchant vs. Kye Kelley in the Great 8 Final at Tulsa Raceway Park

Damon Merchant vs Kye Kelley in the Great 8 Final. Photo by streetoutlaws_npkspoilers

Damon Merchant's triumph was a testament to his dedication, skill, and the unyielding pursuit of excellence. His victory in the Great 8 at Tulsa Raceway Park marked not only a personal achievement but a celebration of the spirit of competitive racing. The NPK Tulsa event showcased the very essence of drag racing, where split-second decisions, precision engineering, and raw horsepower combine to create an awe-inspiring spectacle.

As the dust settled and engines cooled, the racers, crews, and spectators alike were left in awe of the incredible feats witnessed at NPK Tulsa. The Semifinals and Final showdown will undoubtedly be etched in the annals of racing history, a reminder of the adrenaline-fueled battles that define the world of high-speed competition. Damon Merchant's victory will stand as a testament to the relentless pursuit of victory in the face of intense competition, solidifying his name as a true champion in the world of drag racing.

Let's check out Upshift's coverage, which is diligently keeping us updated on the captivating semifinal and final events taking place at Tulsa Raceway Park.

Video by Upshift

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