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Street Outlaws No Prep Kings vs Australia Ready to Kick Off

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

Many times we have mentioned how the Street Outlaws show, has brought the scene of America’s street racing to literally every part of the world, and the things that are happening with the show at the moment are only confirming our assumptions.

Yes, the Street Outlaws decided to go all the way across the world to find others like them and to do what competitive people with fast cars do, race and see who will be the winner.

The first news that we hear from down under is that all except two racers have brought their small tire cars to Australia in order to compete with the local racers and to be honest, we were kind of surprised by this move since we have all seen that the Australians have some really fast big tire cars.

Granted, most of them use their big tire cars on the track and not on the streets of Australia, so maybe this was the reason that the Street Outlaws decided to represent the United States of America, with their small tire cars.

Perth Motorplex Australia. Photos by Fireball Camaro

As we said, two racers are sticking out of the crowd, and have brought their big tire cars and those are, Robin Roberts and Jeff Lutz. Considering their results in the No Prep Kings, these are arguably two of the fastest twin turbo cars that the Street Outlaws guys are running at the moment, with Jeff Lutz finishing in fourth place, with no other twin turbo car ranking higher than him.

Photo by Robin Roberts Racing

The Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings Australian tour kicks off at the Perth Motorplex on 24th February, with further stops at Willowbank, Sydney Dragway and Calder Park in the coming weeks. A cavalcade of American stars from the hit Discovery Channel show, including Kye Kelley, Lizzy Musi, Shawn Ellington and Jeff Lutz, are here to take on some of the best racers Australia has to offer.

Photo by Robin Roberts Racing

The No Prep Kings Australian sojourn has certainly created a buzz. However, in the opinion of some of the local racers I spoke with, giving prospective Aussie contenders such a short lead time and no hard-and- fast rules on car builds or tech has them wondering if Discovery is really looking for a US clean sweep at all four events. There seems to be a suspicion that having Aussie entrants send in applications for consideration by the event promoters isn’t about creating parity for racing; it’s merely about creating good TV.

Photo by No Prep

That said, the USA team are certainly seasoned racers. Most started on the street, so they know how to set a car up and get down any surface. They’re not going to go out and bomb the tires on the hit; they will have a tune for every track and every weather condition, even if they have never raced on it before. Tuning is about more than just fuel and timing; it’s also shock settings, tire pressure, moving weight around in the car, moving rear four-link bars around, converter or stator changes, and more.

So why don’t we check out the video of Jeff Lutz and hear much more about what is going on in Australia.

Video by Lutz Race Cars

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