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No Prep Kings Season 7 Rule Changes Unveiled: What to Expect on the Streets

Street Outlaws fans, gear up for an adrenaline-pumping season as the official rule changes for No Prep Kings Season 7 have been released. In a recent video by Justin Swanstrom, key modifications were highlighted, setting the stage for intense racing action. While the majority of rules remain consistent, a few adjustments promise to level the playing field and deliver thrilling competitions. Let's dive into the details and explore what these changes mean for the upcoming season.

Photo by Lizzy Musi

Consistency and Fine-Tuning:

  • Swanstrom emphasized that 95% of the rules remain unchanged, ensuring consistency in the core regulations.

  • Nitrous weight, twin turbo combo weight, tire size, body wheelbase, and other fundamental aspects continue to maintain their previous specifications.

Controversial F4 136 Pro Charger Adjustment:

  • One of the notable alterations involves the controversial F4 136 Pro Charger, which stirred discussions in the previous season.

  • Last season, this Pro Charger could run 100 lbs lighter than the ProCharger 1401. However, for Season 7, a 50 lbs weight addition has been introduced, aligning it more closely with the ProCharger 1401.

  • This adjustment aims to create a more balanced competition, preventing lighter setups from gaining a significant advantage.

Screw Blown Combination Overdrive Restoration:

  • In Season 6, screw blown cars experienced a reduction in overdrive from 98% to 92%, a move that aimed to level the playing field.

  • For Season 7, the screw blown combination is granted a 6% overdrive restoration, bringing it back to 98%. This change is expected to make screw blown cars slightly faster, offering a more competitive edge.

  • The impact of this adjustment varies depending on the engine combination, translating to one to two more pounds of boost.

Photo by Radical Speed

Anticipated Racing Equality:

  • With these rule changes, the racing landscape is poised to be highly competitive and closely contested.

  • The adjustments aim to achieve a fair balance between different setups, ensuring that no particular combination enjoys a decisive advantage.

  • Fans can anticipate exciting battles on the streets, with the potential for surprises and intense rivalries.

Season Outlook:

  • The 50 lbs added to the F4 136 Pro Charger and the overdrive restoration for screw blown combinations set the stage for closely matched races.

  • While predicting outcomes is always a challenge, the rule changes suggest that the racing should be highly competitive and closely contested.

  • It remains to be seen how these adjustments will influence the performance of various cars throughout the season.

Adaptability to Evolving Conditions:

  • Swanstrom hinted that if the racing doesn't prove as close as expected, further rule adjustments might be implemented midseason to ensure fairness.

  • This highlights the organizers' commitment to adapting rules to maintain an exciting and balanced competition, keeping fans on the edge of their seats.

Photo by Radical Speed

As the anticipation builds for No Prep Kings Season 7, the unveiled rule changes promise a season filled with intense and closely contested races. The adjustments aim to address previous imbalances, creating an environment where skill and strategy will play pivotal roles in determining the victor. Stay tuned to Street Outlaws Talks for in-depth coverage and analysis as the season unfolds on the streets, promising thrills, and surprises for fans of the high-octane world of street racing.

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