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No Prep Kings Recap: Controversial Victory at Cordova Dragway

Hey everyone, let's dive into the latest action-packed weekend of No Prep Kings at Cordova Dragway. Originally scheduled for June 28th and 29th, the event was pushed to Saturday and Sunday due to weather conditions, which shook things up right from the start.

Saturday kicked off with qualifying, typically a Friday affair, but no stranger to delays this season. The surprises were immediate as big names like Jeff Lutz, Justin Swanstrom, and Caleb Morton faced early exits. Swanstrom, unfortunately, didn't even make it to the main event, highlighting the unpredictable nature of no prep racing.

Photo by Street Outlaws Live

Moving into the main event on Sunday, the Invitational rounds brought even more shocks. Robin Roberts scored a major upset by knocking out Daddy Dave in the first round. This season has been a rollercoaster for Dave, who hasn't found the stride he had hoped for despite previous successes.

Another headline match saw the Murder Nova triumph over Ryan Martin, showing the Nova's dominance this season. Martin, long considered one of the 405's strongest contenders, faced an early exit, proving that this season's competition is as fierce as ever.

Photo by Stat Guy

As the rounds progressed, the excitement continued. Kai Kelly fell to Jeppe in the second round, while Scott Taylor's impressive performance saw him advance by defeating Ryan Martin. In the semifinals, Robin Roberts continued his streak by defeating Clay Cole, setting up a thrilling final against the Murder Nova.

The final showdown between Robin Roberts and the Murder Nova was nothing short of intense. Roberts, amidst some controversy over his path to the Invitational, managed to clinch the victory. While some voices online criticized the win, citing past incidents, Roberts showed resilience and determination throughout the event.

Photo by Stat Guy

Ultimately, it was a weekend filled with surprises, upsets, and high-stakes racing drama. The No Prep Kings series at Cordova Dragway delivered once again, proving why it remains one of the most electrifying events in street racing.

Stay tuned to Street Outlaws Talks for more updates and insights into the world of No Prep Kings.

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