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No Prep Kings 2022 Finals Found Ryan Martin As The three-time Reigning Champion

Few weeks ago we wrote about Jim Howe and his Howe Motorsports Screw Blower melting the competition in Summit Motorsports Park. Now we have him here again in the No Prep Kings in Texas Motorplex, Ennis in the final against the Kallee Mills and her nasty big tire Camaro.

Photo by Howe Motorsports

Second-generation heads-up racer Kallee Mills is making a big leap into the world of no-prep racing. She is joining her father, legendary Radial vs The World racer DeWayne Mills, in the big-tire class with big tire Camaro called Golden Kong.

This was fantastic drag weekend at Texas Motorplex. The event was postponed until Saturday and Sunday due to the forecasted rain on Friday but this is still the finals that fans of No Prep Kings event have been eager for a long time.

With the 1968 Camaro Golden Kong, Kallee Mills managed to win over some big names in No Prep world, such as Doc, John Odom, Giuseppe Gentile, Brody Melton to advance to the finals against Jim Howe.

On the left lane there is Jim Howe, second time in the finals of this year No Prep Kings. Jim Howe has a car that will be very dangerous for his opponents in this year and he show us that in style. This weekend he beat Jerry Bird in the Semis for a spot in the Finals. Kye Kelley is also defeated by Jim, meaning that he cannot fight for the crown in this last race.

Photo by Howe Motorsports

Overall, Ryan Martin wins the No Prep King Championship 2022. That makes it 3 in a row for the King of No Prep!

Photo by No Prep Racing

We all know that Ryan Martin is one of the best team players out there and when it comes to the team, he is ready to go above and beyond in order to make sure that the whole team climbs the leaderboard together. He is the best in the business right now on no prep games, however, he did not win the Invitational of the last few races and a lot of cars were definitely a lot faster than at the beginning of the season. It means he was having wins pretty easily at the beginning of the season but towards the end, it was tough for him and definitely tough for Kye Kelley. Therefore, they need to do something different for the next year.

Photo by No Prep FAM

So to not keep you busy, check the video of the Invitational Finals at Texas Motorplex in Ennis.

Video by Upshift

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