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Musi Sisters Battle it Out at No Problem Raceway!!!

The Musi sisters are well-known in the drag racing community for their exceptional driving skills and their love for the sport. Lizzy Musi, in particular, has made a name for herself by breaking boundaries as a female racer and winning several No Prep Kings events. However, she's not the only Musi in the game.

Tricia Musi, Lizzy's sister, also races in several prep events and occasionally enters no prep to give it a try. Tricia drives a nitrous-assisted Firebird, but most of the time, she races the old Musi Popeye car. This nitrous-assisted Firebird is very recognizable because their father Pat Musi used to race it to the winner's circle several times in his career. Tricia continues the tradition with the Popeye car but brought out a new nitrous-assisted Firebird that looks to be just as fast.

Lizzy and Tricia Musi. Photo by Tricia Musi

Recently, the Musi sisters battled it out at the No Problem Raceway, putting their skills to the test. It was a thrilling experience for fans who were excited to see the two sisters compete against each other on the track. The event was well-attended, and everyone was eager to see how the sisters would perform.

Photo by Tricia Musi

Lizzy Musi took to the track first in her iconic Pro Nitrous Camaro, known for its signature black color and striking appearance. Tricia followed in the Firebird, racing with determination and skill. As they raced down the track, the crowd cheered loudly, supporting both sisters. Despite the outcome, it was clear that both sisters are incredibly talented and dedicated to their craft. Fans were delighted to see them race against each other and put on a great show. The Musi sisters have definitely made a name for themselves in the racing world, and they continue to inspire and motivate aspiring racers, especially women, to break barriers and excel in this male-dominated sport.

Check out this sister battle as well as Grudge race between Kye Kelley and Lizzy Musi as it was a neck-and-neck race for the first few seconds, with neither driver giving an inch.

Video by National No Prep Racing Association

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