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Murder Nova's Weight-Saving Upgrades for No Prep Kings Season 7

Greetings, Street Outlaws fans! Welcome back to, your go-to source for all things street racing. In today's exclusive update, we delve into the exciting world of No Prep Kings Season 7 and the major weight-saving modifications undertaken by Murder Nova, Sean Ellington's iconic ride.

Photo by Mallory Elizabeth Photography 

Murder Nova's Live Feed Revelations: In a recent live feed hosted by Sean and Phantom on their 187 Customs YouTube channel, fans were treated to some insider information about the upgrades that the Murder Nova underwent for the upcoming season. These modifications are poised to significantly impact the car's performance on the No Prep Kings circuit.

Key Upgrades: Approximately a month ago, the Murder Nova underwent substantial upgrades at D-Dial Race Cars, including the installation of new doors and a revamped front end, all with the primary goal of shedding excess weight. In the previous season, the car weighed in at over 2,800 lbs, but with the recent changes, it is now over 120 lbs lighter.

The Impact of Weight Reduction: The weight reduction is a strategic move to enhance the car's overall performance on the No Prep Kings track. Last season, the Murder Nova ran the F4 140 D1 pro charger, and it was evident that the car could have been even faster if it were lighter. The weight reduction puts Murder Nova in a favorable position for increased speed and consistency during races.

Photo by Mallory Elizabeth Photography 

Rule Adjustments and Weight Distribution: While No Prep Kings Season 7 rules added weight to the F4 136, Sean and the team have the flexibility to distribute weight strategically across the car. This allows for fine-tuning the chassis to maximize performance on specific tracks and optimize the car's handling.

Comparing Blower Options: With the weight reduction achieved, Murder Nova faces a crucial decision between the F4 136 and F4 140 D1 pro chargers for Season 7. The rules specify different weight requirements for each, and Sean will need to determine which combination offers the best balance of power and weight for optimal performance.

Testing and Decision-Making: Given that the 140 D1 requires a weight of 2,800 lbs, while the 136 demands 2,750 lbs, the team will conduct thorough testing to identify the most effective setup. The choice between the two blowers will likely be influenced by factors such as horsepower output, 60-foot times, and 3:30 performance.

Photo by Mallory Elizabeth Photography 

As No Prep Kings Season 7 unfolds, Murder Nova's weight-saving upgrades position the car for a formidable presence on the track. The meticulous planning and adjustments made by Sean and the team promise an exciting season, with fans eagerly anticipating the Murder Nova's stellar performance in the highly competitive world of street racing. Stay tuned to for more exclusive updates on your favorite Street Outlaws!

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