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Murder Nova FURIOUS Over Start Line Controversy - Revenge Race vs Robin Robert

The sport of drag racing is known for its dramatic moments. To the uninitiated bystander, it may seem like a simple matter of two cars racing in a straight line for a few seconds. However, the reality is that there are countless variables that can affect the outcome of the race and leave one or both racers feeling upset.

In this particular instance, we take a closer look at the feud that arose between two experienced racers, Shawn Ellington, also known as Murder Nova and Robin Roberts.

Normally, Ellington and Roberts are on good terms, but a recent incident caused tensions to flare. The starting line in drag racing is governed by strict rules and etiquette. Each racer must stage their vehicle correctly and within a certain time frame. If one racer fails to do so, they risk being disqualified from the race.

In this case, Ellington believed that Roberts had staged his vehicle correctly and was ready to race. However, it turned out that Roberts' wife had inadvertently activated the staging lights with her foot, which led to confusion and frustration for Ellington. As he waited for Roberts to make his move, Ellington's own car was put under strain, which could have affected his performance in the race.

Unfortunately for Ellington, he ended up losing the race, possibly due to the confusion at the starting line. To see how the drama unfolded in full, be sure to tune in to Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings.

Video by Discovery Australia

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